Board of Excitement – Early-to-Mid May 2024 Edition

By | May 6, 2024

There are quite a lot of things happening across the next fortnight, so to help you keep track here’s a list of new things that are happening:

  • The Finish Line (Weekdays 4:30pm, BBC1) – new series of the kinetic quiz. Kinetiquiz. I hope there’s a bit more dopamine this time around. We discussed Series 1 here, we’re not going to do a new post for it.
  • Celeb Beat the Chasers (Monday-Thursday, 9pm, ITV1) – New episodes.
  • The Eurovision Song Contest (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 8pm, BBC1) – if international affairs suggest this might be a controversial Eurovision, just wait until everyone sees Olly’s staging, if the shots are anything to go by.
  • Double the Money (Thursday, 8pm, C4) – New Sue Perkins entrepreneurial gameshow format encouraging side-hustles, everyone starts with seed money of £250, they have to double and then keep redoubling it within time limits to stay in the game, using a different method each round. The last team standing presumably wins some money.
  • Celebrity Popmaster TV (Monday and Tuesday, 9pm, More 4) – I don’t know if Monday and Tuesday are the plans going forward (they’re also both repeated on More 4 at 6:55pm on Friday if streaming is a problem for you). A whole week of it felt a bit much last year, so it’s probably for the best. We discussed Series 1 here, we’re not going to do a new post for the new series.
  • The Fortune Hotel (Monday-Thursday, 9pm, ITV1) – Stephen Mangan encourages ten couples to play big money Find The Lady in a hot beachy part of the world to win £250,000. First ep goes on until 22:10 displacing the news, get over yourself frankly Mangan.
  • The 8 Show (17th May, Netflix) – new entry in our favourite GAMESHOW OF DEATH K-dramas.

Also more Taskmaster is being added to Netflix on Thursday, which I suspect is better news for our international readers than anyone who can just get All 4 or whatever.

2 thoughts on “Board of Excitement – Early-to-Mid May 2024 Edition

  1. Tom F

    A couple of Netflix items:

    Korean KDrama of Gameshow of Death, The 8 Show, on the 17th.

    And ‘New seasons’ of Taskmaster being added on Thursday.


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