This week’s excitement

By | June 24, 2024

It’s great news for adventure fans, but before that worth pointing out that Deal or No Deal starts filming its second extended series from today, you can grab tickets for future recordings from Applausestore.

This Thursday sees the release of Fortress Challenge: Fort Boyard on Steam and the major consoles, we will have a video review ASAP, this year’s offering is “ten new events” and Sir Fouras (not a recognised knight) will be playing his aspect cards to modify events.

This is leading up to the new series of Fort Boyard starting on France 2 on Saturday night just after 8pm UK (officially 8:10 but you know what French schedulers are like). The last few years France2 have been taking their geoblock off between 8-11 so it may still be possible to watch without a VPN, auto-translated subs might be more useful than ever as it feels like a lot of lore happening this year – the subtitle for the season is “The Forbidden Cells”, lots of new characters, looks like a few new events but also lots of one-off games, the Passes might vocalise a bit more, it’ll either be really good or “a bit 2002”. Needless to say we’ll be chatting about it in #fortboyardchat in the Discord.

And! This Friday not just one but TWO seasons of The Mole starting, the first the US one on Netflix which will likely be as artless as the first but hey! is in English, the second a sort of surprise civilian series of Wie is De Mol? set in Oman exclusively streaming on NPO Start (kind of Dutch iPlayer). I understand that unofficial English subs will be coming for this eventually but possibly not immediately, we’ll be talking about these on #netflixmolememorialthread and #molchat on the Discord respectively.

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