Bother’s Bar Plays Badly: Fortress Challenge Fort Boyard

By | June 27, 2024

That’s right, I’ve spent £35 so you don’t have to, it’s the new Microids Fort Boyard game out today featuring as many as “some” new events but the big deal are the “perks of Sir Fouras” – not a recognised knight of the realm as far as I know, which emulates the show’s big twist from the last few years, a modifier that affects the adventure – ancient games, not seeing the clock, poisoned gifts… like on TV, some work better than others (the one I’m showing off, Poisoned Gifts, feels a bit… janky? Broken? See for yourselves). Whatsmore some of the events don’t have their music, they just have the theme tune playing over it – rubbish! For balance, what I would suggest is that the new events feel a bit more involved than many previously. PS5 version played.

The new series of Fort Boyard, the 35th! begins on Saturday night on France 2 at 8:10pm UK with the unlocking of the Forbidden Cells, this year’s gimmick. The last few years France TV have turned their geoblocking off for the Fort, but if they don’t you’ll need a VPN to watch. The show will be discussed on the Discord in #fortboyardchat.

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