Netflix Mole S2

By | June 29, 2024

I’ve watched the opening salvo of five eps, it’s so frustrating. Ari Shapiro and his eyebrows are fun, the challenge design is definitely a step up from S1, the structure is a bit better so that there’s two missions between tests (even if one of them tends to be quite small scale). The prizemoney is a bit all over the place, you’d expect the big missions to be worth more than the small scale ones just because That’s How Telly Works but it doesn’t always work out like that.

But it’s absolutely ruined by the pot drains, THREE in five episodes, the players are losing more money than The Mole is in trying to get personal advantages and it’s just crap television. What am I watching it for?

We thought the first series was basically an artless version of The Mole, the format done in typical US route one capacity. This series actually has ideas that are commendable, and then ruins it all with really cheap ways – not even clever, funny ways, to make the pot cheap.

One thought on “Netflix Mole S2

  1. Whoknows

    Feel like there was a bit of buzz for series 1 but this was the first I’d heard series 2 was out.


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