Questions Too Easy-oteric for Only Connect Number 3

By | September 23, 2010

Alright, what is the connection HERE then, smartarses?

Alright, let’s see how you did. Most of you were wrong, but Barry chimed in after the first clue with:

Bands that have had to change their names.

This would lead to an interesting dilemma, because it’s sort of right but not actually correct, although doubtless when given just one guess on television you’d probably ask for at least a second. That’s where geek comedian Tom Scott comes in:

I reckon (on two clues) that you’re close – but I’d say it’s *things* that have had to change their names.

Which is, basically correct. They are all things that had to change their name to avoid infringement. Westlife were originally known as Westside (and indeed their first single was out as Westside, if I remember correctly) before someone pointed out there was already a Westside, the Gotcha was originally the Gotcha Oscar before the Academy had a quiet word, Starwing on the Super Nintendo (and indeed N64) is known outside Europe as Starfox, because of a game called Starfox released on the Commodore 64 in the eighties, and Pimp That Snack was originally Pimp My Snack before Viacom sent a stern letter. Well done to all involved!

Meanwhile, Channel 5 are doing a magic-based gameshow which appears to be “can you outwit Philip Escoffey?” and it is called Impossible? with a question mark. It sounds like it’s probably going to be that Derren Brown trick with the money in envelopes for an hour.

Incidentally, for the past few weeks I’ve been getting a lot of referals from people searching for ‘Lady Battleaxe’, one of the WARR-iors from Knights and Warriors. Well, I’ve solved the mystery of why that might be, Dot Jones who played Lady Battleaxe is now coach Shannon Beiste in popular television show Glee. A before and after shot may follow this evening.

33 thoughts on “Questions Too Easy-oteric for Only Connect Number 3

  1. Anonymous

    I’m guessing “pop groups who do bad cover versions of songs” isn’t the right answer.

    1. Tom Scott

      I reckon (on two clues) that you’re close – but I’d say it’s *things* that have had to change their names. The Noel Edmonds Gotcha was originally the “Gotcha Oscar” and, yes, Westlife were meant to be Westside.

      1. Alex

        Sounds right. Starwing possibly becoming Starfox (and then becoming Lylat Wars for some reason).

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    The clue is in the word “Easy” in the subject line of the post. You’re going with bands with compass points in their name and the remaining clues are the Beastie Boys, Journey South and the Bloomington North High School Band of Indiana.


  3. Brig Bother Post author

    I think you’ve had it all very easy this week, so I’m going to let this one fester for a bit. Will the other clues fit in with your guesses? Find out… LATER!

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Are these all things that have changed names as well? Ringo Starr is obviously Richard Starkey made famous, Zimbabwe was Rhodesia, the others were probably called something else…

        1. Mart with a Y not a I

          Something to do with originals?

          Ringo Starr’s original name was Richard Starkey

          You Only Live Twice orignally was going to be OHMSS in the sequence of released Bond movies

          Woolwich Arsenal was orignally called Woolwich Warren

          Zimbabwe was orignally called Rhodesia

      1. Mart with a Y not a I

        Tim, as a fully paid up member of The London Underground Railway Society – I can not let you get away with the Woolwich Aresnal answer. It’s wrong. It’s on the Docklands Railway System and therefore cannot be classed as a ‘tube station’.

        The last alphabetically tube station name would be Wood Green, on the northern bit of the Piccadilly Line on the firewall worrying Cockfosters extension.

      1. Dan Peake

        I don’t think there’s been a tribal council that funny before! Some tribal councils can be a bit dull and plodding… I didn’t want that one to end!


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