Board of Excitement 30th Jan – 5th Feb 2011

By | January 30, 2011

Shh, do you hear that?

That is the sound of ennui regarding the schedules this week.

So: don’t forget it’s Game Two of the Bother Series of Poker tonight at 8pm – you don’t have to be a regular to play, and you don’t need to have played last week to be in with a chance of winning the whole thing. JOIN IN IT IS FUN. The results and discussion about Game Two will be found here.

And I have gone done another iPad review, this time of The Amazing Race HD. £2.99 is probably a bit much, but if you see it in a sale it’s worth your consideration. You can also read my other iDevice reviews in the iPod, Therefore I Am section.

I think that’s it really.

17 thoughts on “Board of Excitement 30th Jan – 5th Feb 2011

  1. Netizen

    Zor Ka Jhatka – aka – Total Wipeout India starts on NDTV Imagine, Sky channel 831 at 18:30 Tuesday. I’m going to stick my neck out and advise you to expect the expected!

  2. David

    One of the known grey area sites has found some eps of The Masterspy…

    1. Netizen

      Slightly spurious arguments there, as most of the shows mentioned would require minimal set changes and a bit of editing to accommodate wheelchair users. I can’t take the author seriously as surely they don’t expect every set to include a series of sweeping ramps. You might as well launch a campaign against all high perched seating.

      1. Jennifer Turner

        Yes, I had a think about it and I doubt the shows mentioned are as inflexible as the writer suggests. It’s surely not beyond the ability of any halfway capable floor manager to adapt on the fly.

        1. Ryan

          From the final show of the 10th Anniversary of US Millionaire: – Accomodations can be made! (OT: It’s a good read, the whole story, if you’ve time)

          We’ve also had a few contestants in wheelchairs on US Price is Right.

          About the Mastermind comment – is that done perhaps because the chair is so iconic. Is it possible that he asked for that transfer but it wasn’t mentioned on the air?

          1. Jennifer Turner

            I may have this wrong, but I *think* there have been wheelchair users on Mastermind who have had the black chair removed and just placed their wheelchairs in the spotlight.

          2. Weaver

            Oh, plenty of folk in wheelchairs have been on Mastermind; Mary Elizabeth Raw went on to win her series.

            CBBC’s been a paragon of inclusivity – contestants and hosts who happen to use a wheelchair, a deaf contender on Raven. Then there’s been blind and disabled housemates on Big Brother, and We Are The Champions lived long as a paralympic programme.

            In short: local paper publishes speculative rant, gets picked apart by interweb users. Anyone care to write in response?

        2. Jellybean

          Really annoying. We had a few people on Perfection who needed modification to the set which we happily obliged including a different chair and subtitling for a hearing impaired contestant.

          1. art begotti

            So this article sounds like more of a complaint of “I don’t often see handicapped contestants on game shows, here are my reasons why.” As has been demonstrated, most game shows will likely cater to disabled contestants, barring the show carries some tremendous physical element. Looking back, I think there’s even an episode of (Family) Double Dare with contestants in wheelchairs floating around on YouTube.

    2. Travis P

      I find it totally ironic that since the story was published, In It to Win It had a wheelchair contestant on the show last night. Although it’s been only the second time in 1-2 years they had a wheelchair user on the show. First guy didn’t get selected to come to Winners Row.

  3. Dan Peake

    Here’s something to liven up this week’s schedule Brig!

    Accumulate! returns for its third season on Friday. We then plan to air new episodes on Fridays.

    And it only contains one incorrect question and one spelling mistake! I bet I’m selling it well.


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