Board of Not Much Excitement 15th-21st May 2011

By | May 15, 2011

To be honest not much this week, although I’m determined to watch an episode of Show Me the Monet before it finishes this week (weekdaily, 5:15pm, BBC2) and tonight’s celebs on Scream If You Know the Answer hosted by Eurovision FAILURE Duncan James are Louie Spence vs Tamsin Outhwaite (7pm) and Jack Osbourne vs Joanna Page (7:30pm, Sunday, Watch on Sky 109 and Virgin 124). It is another round of hilarious poker contest The BotherSOP next Sunday.

So in lieu of that, here’s something I hadn’t seen before that @keshikingdom alerted me to this morning: We all know Storm the Castle, the US pilot of Takeshi’s Castle I did a feature on years and years ago that I have just discovered I haven’t touched up for BB3.0 that will be sorted in a moment, but I was unaware of King of The Mountain, another go at it, that somebody has put  an episode up on Youtube of.

Incidentally, that feature on Storm the Castle is now up.

21 thoughts on “Board of Not Much Excitement 15th-21st May 2011

  1. Ratings Bear

    Ratings Bear has returned, grr.

    Don’t kick the Rabbit’s Smoking Habit: 0.9m ( 5.9%)
    So You Think You Cannot Dance: 2.7m (16.2%)
    So You Think You Cannot Dance Results: 3.1m (14.7%)
    Euroasiavision Song Contest 2011: 9.5m (40.4%)
    Sing if You Can Eat Lamb Testicles: 4.3m (20.1%)
    Britain’s Got Talent: 8.4m (32.0%)
    Million Pound Thicky Droppy Livey: 1.4m (5.5%)

    Ratings Bear is MEGA ANGRY, GRRRRRR! that Sing if You Can Eat Lamb Testicles is getting decent figures. I WANT to eat Stacey Solomon as Ratings Bear knows she will be full of food from Iceland. That said, Ratings Bear will be eating Hare very soon. Also that person, thinking he is Madonna by saying his first name only and doesn’t wear suspenders. Ratings Bear is already chasing down Cat Deeley.

    Ratings Bear has noticed Queen Amanda has had a knock against Euro-Asia X Factor Live but Emperor Cowell is on the horizon.


    1. Joe

      Sing if You Can is a ratings hit like I predicted. 20% is the mark all ITV peak time shows are judged by and Sing if You Can is managing that.

      That’s 2/2 now Brig. First The Voice, now Sing if You Can. I’m on a roll 😉

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        I think you’re lucky in this instance, but as I don’t really mind SIYC I’ll let it off, and convemiently ignore the quite large drop in ratings fir The Voice this week.

        1. Travis P

          What large drop in the ratings? Is it doing another Marriage Ref? No wonder Joe was quiet last week.

          I noticed in the upcoming schedule they are going to air The Voice and America’s Got Talent at the same time. Very dangerous to have NBC airing two talent/reality shows at the same time.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Actually have missed a few things here – it’s the Survivor final this evening and The Amazing Race Australia begins tomorrow. So there.

  3. David B

    Re: the Pointless repeats, I wonder if Pointless is going to get transferred to BBC 1 when WL stops or goes into the summer break.

    Richard O said there was a very good reason why it’s suddenly gone into repeat mode, and that would certainly explain it.

    It would also sidestep the issue of BBC2’s daytime budget cuts…

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Weakest Link is still being produced up to next Spring isn’t it? That seems like a long time to wait.

      1. Jennifer Turner

        Being produced up to December and broadcast (as new episodes, anyway) until Spring.

        1. Travis P

          As we all know, they only produce about 100 new episodes per year. So most of them to be produced will be aired in early 2012. Unless they will show constant repeats for this year then they could do what Identity did and air it in the slot for a few weeks then WL returns for the rest of the run.

          WL are airing two repeats this week.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Mmm, good spot, also I think Danny Cohen has suggested he wants to move Blue Peter back into a post 5pm slot.

      2. David B

        I would be surprised if Deduction went into that slot, because I don’t think it’s the type of format that could go in there 250 days of the year.

        The pilot was recorded on May 12th so it might be possible to track down an audience attendee.

        1. Thomas

          I’ve heard on the grapevine that the recording date has been put back to this Thursday and that it is an audience free affair.

          Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what happens to this one.

          1. Brig Bother Post author

            Yes, I’ve not seen any adverts for audiences for it.

            Do you know how it works, David?

  4. Weaver

    Could it be that they’re saving them for After Wimbledon, when there’s a more stable daytime schedule? Next week, even the repeats are off and replaced by The Hairy Biker’s Food Tour of Britain.

  5. Chris M. Dickson

    It’s probably very unfair to judge King of the Mountain having already seen quite a bit of Takeshi’s Castle (or, for that matter, MXC). With that prejudice, KotM doesn’t stand up very well on its own right but I’d be fascinated to know the opinion of someone who hadn’t seen its progenitor.

    Does anyone here know off-hand how many times you see the same game played in a row in TC? I’d guess that it normally varies between five and eight, except for big massively multi-player games, and sometimes even that gets a little repetitive for my liking on some games. Ten is definitely too many, and they weren’t the most interesting games to repeat that frequently. Didn’t much care for the hosts, either. (But that’s OK – I bet they didn’t like this comment!)


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