Fifty 50 Show Episode 5

By | October 22, 2012

Episode Five of the Internet’s MOST EXCITING podcast! If this was Deal or No Deal, they’d probably be playing for a double jackpot, or something.

This week chatting with Lewis Murphy is Caroline The Teacher and Andrew Keshihead Sullivan about his appearance on Breakaway and variously other stuff.

Also very excitingly, the inaugural English language game of 21 Questions Wrong, the endgame from this year’s last year’s best new quiz Avanti un Altro! Will I win a quarter of a million Euros, or will I get my backside handed to me as it has hundreds of Italians before it? Can Daniel Peake cope with the blistering pace? FIND OUT.

The Episode show notes are on the Fifty 50 site here.

You can download it directly from here.

You can even subscribe to it on iTunes so never miss an episode.

Or you can subscribe via your own alternative RSS feed, if that is a thing that makes you happy.

Don’t worry everyone, we are currently plotting the next exciting episode of The Line Up. There will be fireworks. And a zombie. And The Machine has had some modifications! Find out what within the next fortnight, fingers crossed.

4 thoughts on “Fifty 50 Show Episode 5

  1. Paul B

    Here’s your regular Tuesday morning ratings round-up.

    As usual these don’t include +1, and * denotes ratings including HD.

    University Challenge: 3.23m (13.2%)
    The Chase: 2.94m (20.3%)*
    Pointless: 2.57m (16.6%)*
    Eggheads: 1.61m (8.7%)
    Deal or No Deal: 1.39m (13.6%)*
    Breakaway: 1.11m (9.7%)
    Only Connect: 0.99m (4.1%)
    Countdown: 0.63m (7.9%)
    The Weakest Link: 0.27m (3.4%)

    A couple of notes:

    – That’s Breakaway’s highest rating of the series, and is a good 100k higher than any other episode besides the first.
    – Only Connect’s actual rating was 994,967 so basically 33 viewers away from being rounded up to a million.

      1. David B

        Yes, although that won’t stop me hunting down those 33 people and publicly humiliating them.

        We actually peaked at 1.007 million so technically we’re already over the line, but to be official will still be nice.


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