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[Just a reminder that we’ve got a Eurovision post for the semi-finals all set-up already, so it may be an idea to take your Euro-chat there.]

Tonight! As well as the Eurovision semi, it’s The Christie Factor raising money for Christie Hospital, a quiz written and presented by none other than Gordon Burns. You can listen and play along to it on BBC Radio Lancashire/Manchester live from 7-10pm, although you should be able to listen to it online as well in the UK. It is promised to be ungoogleable.

So! Lots of Red Dwarf fans held a convention recently and one of the Things That Happened is a special Red Dwarf episode of Pointless called Goitless, hosted by none other than Proper TV Person and Line Up contestant Ian Symes ably assisted by pointless friend Danny Stephenson, who did all the graphics.

I RT’d the links to the questions weeks ago on Twitter, they were a mixture of proper geeky Red Dwarf things and related general knowledge – I quite enjoyed Red Dwarf when I was a teen but I can’t say I’ve any massive need to go back to it (although I have many chums that have). This being said, a standard person should have no trouble playing along with round two and there’s a question on Robot Wars house robots in round three (which I really struggled with at the time which is a bit embarrassing). You could almost cetainly have a go at the Final as well.

They didn’t even say “smeg” once, 2/10. Incidentally Ian and contestant John founded and have been writing an RD fansite for years, so you can take any harshness in the spirit it is intended.

Anyway, we do like this sort of DIY gameshowing.

6 thoughts on “Goitless

  1. James

    Stefan Raab, Pamela Anderson and Olly Murs on Wetten Dass. 8th of June

      1. James

        Coliseo Balear (former bull fighting arena) in Palma de Mallorca.

  2. Andrew 'Kesh' Sullivan

    Seeing as I was a HUGE fan of Robot Wars when I was growing up, I can remember all of the House Robots. The original 4 were Shunt, Dead Metal, Sergeant Bash and Matilda. Sir Killalot was brought in after a few series, then towards the end of RW, Mr Psycho and Growler were added to the roster.

    1. Qusion

      Not forgetting Cassius Chrome and Refbot of course – and now I look like a complete geek. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but it’s generally enjoyable. Maybe the beeb should consider ordering some themed specials of this.

  3. Travis P

    For those who have missed The Christie Factor. The whole show is now available on BBC Radio iPlayer. Also if you’ve got the relevant software (cough, Radio Download), you download the show and listen on portable players.


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