8 thoughts on “UK Eurovision hopeful revealed tonight AND Fifty 50 51

  1. Tom H

    Well without wanting to spoil the surprise, it’s already widely reported it’s this person:

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    It’s Florence and the Machine with slightly irritating ‘power to the people yeah’ lyrics. Should be top half though. She does belt it, in fairness.

  3. Alex

    Holy crap, something that actually sounds like something the other countries would send.

    I really hope this gets good scores, not because I particularly like the song, but if this flops you just know the BBC are going to resort to trundling out has-beens again.

    1. David (AU)

      I’m just amazed they haven’t used Kylie Minogue being on their payroll to rope her into doing it. Because you know they would at this point.

  4. Paul B

    Pointless 3.8m (26%)
    The Chase 3.3m (25%)
    University Challenge 3.1m (13%)
    Tipping Point 1.8m (19%)
    Coach Trip 1.2m (9%)
    Revenge of the Egghead 1.0m (6%)
    Sport Relief’s Top Dog 893,000 (5%)
    Perfection 873,000 (14%)
    Come Dine With Me 824,000 (8%)
    Deal or No Deal 684,000 (8%)
    Superstar Dogs 622,000 (4%)
    Countdown 388,000 (6%)


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