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By | March 4, 2014

Timeline_show_support06New episodes Thursday 9pm, repeated variously across the week,
Challenge TV

New Challenge original programming, which is good to see, and this sounds like a proper old-school quiz, fronted by a proper old-school entertainer host Brian Conley. I always liked Conley growing up, so I hope this works out for him.

Lewis Murphy saw an episode of this being taped and you can read his account of things here. Basically it’s based around putting things in a given order. Format sounds basically well thought out (even if it’s not quite as clever as I originally envisaged), we’ll see how it comes across on screen.

But if you can’t wait until then, there’s an app out! Currently iTunes only with Android to come and it’s actually pretty slick and worth a look – it’s free with unlockable question packs (general knowledge is unlocked, sport and TV can be bought although I don’t know if the sport and TV questions that feature in general knowledge are the same or different to the ones that come in a specialised game) and perishable lifelines. I’ve had a couple of repeat questions already which isn’t great, and some of the items are a bit esoteric I think but at least it hasn’t cost anything and is diverting enough to download. There’s also a weekly challenge promising different questions every week.

The survival mode sounds like the show’s endgame writ large, and if that is the case given one timeline to finish within 45 seconds double or nothing I’d almost certainly always go for it if it’s as quick to iterate your way to the correct answer it is here.

4 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Timeline

  1. David

    This is really sad- a contestant on a Korean reality show killed herself during filming..(this is the first time I’ve heard this happening-I know there’s been instances where contestants have killed themselves after filming or died in an accident during filming, but killing themselves during filming is a new one..)

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Nice show, doesn’t really get much wrong, but hardly must see. This would fit in quite well in a daily early afternoon quiz slot, although it wouldn’t be the main event.

    I wouldn’t go as far as say Challenge have a sleeper hit on their hands but I would say it’s solid and fun and not an embarrassment to the schedule.


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