People Place with Stevie Richie

By | November 3, 2014

Amazing, I’ve MOVED, and I’m also moved by this thing pointed out to me by Bother’s Bar Fantasy X Factor WINNER @manwithstick, an apparent showreel for a format fronted by this year’s X Factor lovable comedy act Stevie Richie:


What I most like about that is the idea of that actually going out at 8pm on ITV1.

5 thoughts on “People Place with Stevie Richie

  1. Daniel

    Speaking of homemade YouTube shows, I found this channel a couple of weeks ago:

    I’ve since binge watched every single series on there! I love them. They seriously throw themselves into every game and they’re all really well produced.

    Not sure which series to suggest watching first, if anyone wants to check them out. The Convenience Store Game is the shortest, but it’s also the oldest and made before this Begiragons channel was created. It’s still really funny but it doesn’t have all the slick graphics that more recent seires’ do.
    The Hamburger Game was also made before this dedicated game channel, but has a bunch of genuinely laugh out loud moments.

    Really, any series but the current Sushi Game. You’ll probably have to have watched their other videos, particularly the Hamburger ones, to properly get this one. It’s based on the burger game and there are jokes referencing stuff from past games.

    It turns out the Megwin is a massively popular YouTube star, and has another channel which has a bunc of fun videos and challenges on too.

  2. Alex McMillan

    If it did get commissioned I’d insist the production values stayed the same


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