Fort Boyard’s back on France 2 on 27th June

By | June 9, 2015

Fire up your VPNs! Fort Boyard returns to France 2 for season 26 on June 27th at 1950 UK time (it strikes me as slightly odd that a show with such a large junior following won’t finish until gone 2300 local time, but there we are). It will inevitably be quite exciting and almost certainly a bit disappointing, we’ll “do” a page for discussion of it in due course.

At the very least it looks like the basement’s going to be in full use again, the new dolls house setting for the original spiders and scorpions game looks creepy and incredible and has moved down there. We also await the wonders of The Cage and the new entry system.

22 thoughts on “Fort Boyard’s back on France 2 on 27th June

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    It sounds like the team will need to sacrifice a key to enter The Cage with the hope of winning two more. Intriguing.

    Basically it sounds like today is press day and all the details are coming out, so keep it locked.

    1. David

      Looks like maybe in the cage they do three challenges- perhaps it’s like this:

      Lose all three- lose a key that they previously earned
      Win one- push
      Win two- win a key
      Win three- win two keys

  2. Paul B

    Ratings from yesterday, I’ve included Made in Chelsea purely because the link Brig tweeted earlier contains different figures to the ones I have. The below all include HD and +1 where appropriate.

    Bargain Hunt 1,926,600 (33.8%)
    Perfection 856,300 (16.1%)
    The Box 860,500 (12.1)
    Pointless 2,887,200 (23.8%)

    Eggheads 902,600 (5.9%)
    Beat the Brain 760,000 (4.6%)

    Judge Rinder 791,000 (14.4%)
    Dickinson’s Real Deal 947,500 (16.6%)
    Tipping Point 1,795,300 (23.1%)
    The Chase 2,394,800 (20.7%)

    Countdown 299,600 (5.6%)
    Deal or No Deal 343,100 (6.0%)
    Benchmark 203,700 (2.6%)
    Couples Come Dine With Me 746,700 (6.5%)

    Big Brother 1,068,500 (6.9%)
    Big Brother’s Bigger Bit on the Side 339,900 (5.0%)

    Love Island 480,300 (2.3%)

    Made in Chelsea 514,300 (2.4%)

  3. Brig Bother Post author

    Meanwhile I’m not convinced by that Crystal Maze experience thing that was doing the rounds today, it doesn’t smell like an official tie-in to me, and certainly Zodiak haven’t said anything and you thought they would have done if its an official licence. Be sceptical but keep an eye out.

      1. David

        I remember a couple of years ago the people who do SDR did an event for a few weeks at an expo center or somewhere; people could play against a friend in a whole SDR-type competition (up to 15 games)….maybe it could be something similar?

  4. Setsunael

    In other french news, Qui est la Taupe? / De Mol starts on July 1st (M6).

    1. Ryan

      Does M6 usually post episodes of that sort on their website?

  5. Brig Bother Post author

    Here is the FB press dossier (in French):

    It’s not exhaustive, but of note:

    1) It sounds like the Human Wheel adventure suggested before is actually a riddle-based adventure, the contestant can only hear Pere Fouras give the riddle whilst their head is underwater, and they can shout it back to the team who can help solve it.

    2) I knew there were going to be a range of experts in the Boyard Academy in the Watchtower alongside Vincent C but if you look at Team Christophe Dominici that week’s expert is… Passe-Muraille, apparently.

    1. Qusion

      Relying on Google Translate here, but Garage sounds like great fun, and the mechanical spider sounds like the room is covered in glue – which will be amusing.

      Indeed all of the new games bar the wheel sound like they are ‘funny’ rather than merely challenging.

      Also the fact that The Cage requires the wagering of a key, suggests this might be a way of making sure noone gets seven keys. Doing too well, then you get a stinker of a game against someone good. Doing badly then you get a nice easy one against someone inept.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        I suspect filming schedules would have the duel expert known in advance, but it would certainly be easier to choose someone more or less appropriate from the team to go against them. And that’s fine, the producer hand like that at least allows for an element of surprise and that’s basically how it’s always worked.

        I’m hoping at least the new games aren’t decided on if the producer is in the mood to press a button to release the key or not.

  6. Score

    Only 2.8m for The Cube last night. If it’s below 3m for the rest of the run I wonder if they’ll end it?

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      The Cube does tend to attract a pretty decent young male audience, so the raw figure might not tell the whole story, but yes on the face of it it’s not brilliant.


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