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By | July 31, 2016

cash_trapped_01Weekdays, 5pm,

It’s The Chase Summer Replacement time, this year ITV have come at it with a slightly different strategy opening with a show with the same host but with a different format in a clever bid to not haemorrhage viewers – and being supported by Tipping Point for the entire fortnight as well no less. There’s two weeks of this before Alphabetical with Jeff Stelling gets a two week run and somewhere there’s 20 episodes of Rebound to go out.

This show’s big gimmick is not quite entirely original but certainly different enough – six people compete in a quiz to accrue a large sum of money, the winning player then has to try and defeat the five losers in a quickfire quiz – win and they leave with their money (and everybody else leaves with nothing), lose and their bank is wiped out and everybody comes back to play the next day – the losing five having banks that rollover. This comment suggests a mediumfire quiz with a large vindictive element – quick precis: questions on the buzzer, right answer wins cash and knocks someone out, last one standing gets a question for a large bonus, repeat until quickfire final followed by The Final Chase.

Based on one of Bradley’s own ideas and produced by Bother’s Bar favourites Possessed, it will be interesting to see if works well in terms of individual episodes or whether it takes a few rollover games to really get going and if it does is that too long? The Question Jury has beaten it to the punch somewhat in this regard and to me that game isn’t strong enough to tune into day after day. This has got two weeks to prove itself – it’s doubtful it will increase on The Chase but if it can hang on to 1.5m+ by next Friday then it’s done comparatively well.

Watched it? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

89 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Cash Trapped


    I love the Banter by the Contestants with Bradley & with Each Other.
    They All seem to be Really Friendly & Quickly become Good Team Mates Spurring Each Other On & Commiserating when One Loses.
    I Love the Great Atmosphere this Creates & the Quantity & Variety of Questions keeps this Show Very Interesting!
    I think it’s a Super Show.

  2. Tricia james

    I absolutely adore this programme and I love the rapport between the contestants and Bradley.I look forward to watching the programme each day.


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