It’s Schlag Saturday! 29th March 2014

schlagdenraabSaturday 29th March,
7:15pm UK time,

ProSieben or naughty streaming


Once again our German friends are putting on a large scale live large TV show and if a plucky member of the public can outplay Stefan Raab over 15 games they will be taking home €1m.

There will also be live music from Bastille, who a friend of mine has played with, and Clean Bandit. And likely a third mystery act as well.

And once again we’ll be providing a live-on-a-slight-delay Youtube commentary.

However this month it’s a bit more exciting than usual because the gang are spending the day filming bits for the forthcoming Schlag den Baar in two weeks on on April 12th. Some of us will be travelling to and from London for the day and might not all be back for the beginning. As such you’re advised to keep an eye out on our Twitter feeds and the comments below for links and updates.

Here is a fun summary:

Here’s the link to our live commentary.

This is the stream we will be watching live and basing our commentary on.

That stream will probably go down at some point during the evening, here’s our first back-up one. If it all goes down, once we’ve finished panicking, we’ll put up links to streams we can find on here and on Twitter.

Follow us on Twitter for immediate news if something goes wrong. Or because we’re fun guys!!!! @bothersbar, @danielpeake, @ogbajoj, @davidjbodycombe.


  1. Alex says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the mystery third act is a thing and it turns out to be this year’s Eurovision entrant. Which is irritating because they had a peach of an entry in Santiano and instead of badass pirate rock they went for some boring folk…thing.

  2. James says:

    Hi. Looking forward to tonight’s commentary. Just a small note, the normal stream is not working. There is an alternative link underneath. Enjoy

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