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Cat Burglar on Netflix

By | February 22, 2022

New interactive cartoon thing from top Gilles De Coster lookalike Charlie Brooker hot off the heels of originally doing this sort of thing with Bandersnatch a few years ago. We said the trailer for this looked interesting last week. Well now it’s out, what’s it like? It’s fun! If you grew up watching old Looney… Read More »

Show Discussion: Starstruck

By | February 11, 2022

Saturdays, 8:30pm,ITV Altogether now: “If you could be a popstar, who would you be? Come share your dream with us, the makeover’s free!” In this totally unique and different talent show, people get professionally made-up and perform as their favourite popstars whilst Olly Murs looks on. Only this time three people are pretending to be… Read More »

Show Discussion: The Weakest Link

By | December 17, 2021

Saturday, 6:10pm,BBC1 No your eyes AREN’T deceiving you, The “The” is now officially part of the title again after twenty years in the wilderness, for no discernable reason. Look, we wanted Judge Rinder to host. But we like Romesh and can understand why they’ve gone for mildly-pissed-off-uncle in this lighter, brighter The Weakest Link reboot,… Read More »

Show Discussion: I Literally Just Told You

By | December 15, 2021

Thursdays, 10pm,Channel 4 The latest creation of Format Powerhouse (or at least, Person) Richard Bacon sees Jimmy Carr asking questions about things that have just happened in the studio for £25,000. It’s an observation and memory quiz basically. What might be fun is that this interview suggests they’re going quite big on the meta, “we… Read More »

Show Discussion: Walk the Line

By | December 12, 2021

Nightly 12th-17th December, 8pm,ITV Simon Cowell’s new musical competition/gameshow thing which seems to suggest someone will be walking away with £500,000 at the end of the week. To be honest, we’re not quite clear on how the format works other than an apparent exciting bit at the end of each episode where the winner has… Read More »