Taskmaster Champion of Champions has dates

By | November 15, 2017

I was hoping Dave would put it back to Tuesdays since Bake Off finished but never mind, the two Champion of Champions eps go out Wednesday 13th and 20th of December at 9pm.

5 thoughts on “Taskmaster Champion of Champions has dates

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    I suspect they won’t, but I hope they don’t put them up online a week early – it absolutely blows the community spirit.

    1. Danny Kerner

      It would of been nice if they did a three episode stint but the third being an unseen compilation of tasks that didn’t make the final cut from the ultimate contestants plus outtakes at recordings of all 5 series. I’m sure that would of filled an Hr slot.

  2. Danny Kerner

    It’s very likely they won’t since that’s the only xmas helping made specifically for Dave.

  3. David

    Interesting item from Australia- sometime in 2018 Network 10 is going to do a “pilot week” similar to what’s been done in a couple of Nordic countries where they show a bunch of home-grown on-air pilots in a bunch of different genres, and that’s tended to include game/reality shows….

  4. Daniel H

    Looking forward to these but was hoping with them being “Christmas Specials” that they might be in Christmas/New Year week


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