It’s an advert for Small Fortune

By | January 21, 2019

Don’t forget that the Poll of the Year 2018 LIVE RESULTS is tomorrow night from 9pm. Apparently there might be other awards shows on at the same time. You know The Chase is going to win the quiz NTA, so you might as well watch us instead.

Anyway, thanks to John for alerting us to this:

Coming February

I don’t know whether it will be a hit or not, but I’m actually more interested now I’ve seen bits of it and it looks like the sort of thing you’d like to have a go at. I can’t wait for the official Lego tie-in.

17 thoughts on “It’s an advert for Small Fortune

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    I hope Dermot’s worked “dexterous digits” into his intro, and that the losers get “given the finger”.

  2. David Howell

    Wow, ITV apparently legitimately ready to give away proper life-changing money in 2019 by the looks of that. Perhaps they figured this show was so nailed-on to get a tie-in board game they could afford it.

  3. jon

    I bet the average winnings are less than £25k an episode!

    Looks like a downscaled version of the Cube, hopefully it’s as good!

  4. Brandon

    The challenges reminded me of those from Friends Like These and The Cube in that they’re easy to understand, quite difficult to actually complete but even harder with the pressure of winning the prize.

  5. Oliver

    I saw the advert live and wasn’t impressed – it’s pretty much The Cube with a miniturisation gimmick. It felt like it could be a parody, which is never a good thing. It mostly made me want them to revive The Cube, not produce a version with minitures only without the production values and special effects.

    If ITV really wants a task-based game show then perhaps they should look to revive Moment of Truth.

  6. Callum J

    Actually quite looking forward to Small Fortune, even if just to see the detail on the minature sets!

    I’m guessing it will be a Saturday night show? (or possibly Sunday)

  7. Chris M. Dickson

    Unrelatedly, it was the MIT Mystery Hunt this weekend. I would say it makes DASH look like Puzzled Pint, but if DASH is one order of magnitude above Puzzled Pint, then the MIT Mystery Hunt is another two orders above still, maybe three. Nevertheless you can join me in enjoying some of the puzzles, even if not necessarily solving them:

    Clued Connections (in particular, the water square)


    …aaaand quite possibly others as well.

    1. David B

      The winning team featured both former OC contestant Bruce Lin and Twitter’s Clavis Cryptica.

  8. jon

    You can bet the promo shows the absolute best challenges, and to be fair a couple look good (the circus unicycle).
    But, and it’s a big BUT. throwing a paper plane and flipping a fiddly wink??? Didn’t they have a development working on this show?

    1. Danny Kerner

      Technically you have broken the NDA knownn as a embargo. ITV could come for you as it has been breached.

      1. Callum J

        Sugar, Mark Labbett’s at my door, what should I do?

        (they’d have gone for Digital Spy forums years ago if they cared about it!)

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          We freely joke how stupid it is to go “ooh it’s embargoed” when it’s on a freely viewable site, tbh.

          There’s nothing to legally enforce, all they can do is ask nicely and hope that nobody breaks it, but you might not get an invite to all those ITV parties in future Callum.

          Also it’ll probably already be on Digiguide by now.

          1. Brandon

            “Also it’ll probably already be on Digiguide by now.”

            Yeah, I think it normally comes up on there 2 weeks before it’s on IIRC.

          2. Callum J

            It’s one of the best Bothers Bar jokes up there with ‘they should make a series’ about an event!

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