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By | January 22, 2019

LIVE, 9pm,
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The votes have been counted and the die has been cast. Join us LIVE at 9pm for the results of the Poll of the Year.

You’re advised to watch the video, or at least read the report, before heading under the cut for VOTE PERCENTAGES.

Right then, voting numbers were only about 70% of last year’s numbers, which is a shame, but it does mean there were much fewer instances of people just voting for one show in the Golden Five then going away.

Also we changed the vote methodology a bit – no longer were multiple votes for a show allowed, we hoped it would encourage a more interesting breadth of shows. Because we’ve changed the methodology, we’ve changed the way the percentages pan out – this time the percentage given reflects the percentage of people who put a show on their ballot paper.

So without further ado, here are the top twenties (and hangers on) for the main categories, top ten for radio and anything that got more than a vote in the online category.

The Button56.0
All Together Now32.0
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?32.0
I’ll Get This28.0
The Circle26.7
The Time It Takes20.0
Take the Tower18.7
The £100k Drop18.7
Britain’s Brightest Family16.0
Buy It Now14.7
Celebrity Game Night14.7
Beat the Internet12.0
Chase the Case12.0
What Would Your Kid Do?10.7
The Imitation Game9.3
All Star Music Quiz6.7
Football Genius6.7
The Great Model Railway…6.7
Wedding Day Winners37.3
Chase the Case33.3
For Fact’s Sake33.3
Change Your Tune25.3
I Don’t Like Mondays14.7
The Generation Game14.7
Beat the Internet12.0
The Wave12.0
The Button10.7
The Time It Takes10.7
Ready or Not9.3
Evil Monkeys6.7
The Circle6.7
And They’re Off5.3
Survival of the Fittest5.3
All Together Now4.0
I’ll Get This4.0
The Imitation Game4.0
Only Connect54.7
The Chase45.3
Who Wants to be a Millionaire26.7
House of Games21.3
Tipping Point17.3
The Crystal Maze13.3
The Button10.7
5 Gold Rings9.3
I’m a Celeb…8.0
The £100k Drop8.0
University Challenge6.7
Would I Lie to You6.7
Beat the Internet5.3
The Great British Bake Off5.3
All Together Now2.7
Big Brother2.7
Celwydd Noeth2.7
Curious Creatures2.7
Go 8 Bit2.7
I’ll Get This2.7
Strictly Come Dancing2.7
The Circle2.7
Just a Minute22.7
The Unbelievable Truth20.0
I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue14.7
The News Quiz14.7
Fighting Talk12.0
Brain of Britain8.0
Round Britain Quiz8.0
It’s Not What You Know2.7
Fingers on Buzzers5.3
Bother’s Bar Game Night4.0
Ultimate Beastmaster4.0
Citation Needed2.7
The Fix2.7

Wie is De Mol picked up several votes, but I’m afraid I’d struggle to suggest it is legitimately watchable in the UK, although we thank our resident subber for subtitling it for us.

10 thoughts on “The Poll of the Year Results

  1. Gav

    Big mistake having this at the same time as the NTAs! Which one do I follow

  2. Matt Clemson

    The real burning question is whether David had a slide declaring Dolph Lundgren to be Game Show PM of the UK

    1. David B

      No, but I would’ve put money on it winning the Hidden Gem. So maybe he got Environment Secretary or something.

      1. Chris M. Dickson

        That does invite the question of who else would be in Prime Minister Coren Mitchell’s cabinet. Would this make Picture Researcher Dr. Daniel Peake the Minister for Art, or something? Would David McGaughey be the Minister Without Portfolio?

  3. Chris M. Dickson

    Amateur Adventure Hour: you can do something not a million miles from 1997’s Heaven And Hell Live but almost certainly better in practice in Minecraft these days. I can well imagine a YouTube channel with nearly 5,000,000 subscribers giving $1,000 away as a stunt, too. From the title I thought it might be something a bit more Touch The Truck-like but it’s just a series of short elimination minigames, most of which are not actually especially interesting. Nevertheless, the potential is there.


  4. David B

    Further to our chat about unusual rounds on The Unbelievable Truth, Richard Osman’s script about nuts in the latest edition is a ‘must listen’.

  5. Des Elmes

    So Only Connect tops the Golden Five for the first time since 2011 – while !mpossible becomes the first show other than OC, Pointless and The Chase to make the top three since 2010.

    And Pointless drops out of the G5 altogether. Just two years ago, it came first for the fifth consecutive year – and even when it was finally deposed from the summit by The Chase last year, it still finished ahead of OC.

    I did have a feeling that it wouldn’t make the top three this year – with !mpossible doing well at 5:15, multiple votes no longer being allowed, Richard not retweeting the poll like he usually does, and the general feeling that even with the revised set and titles, the show has become very stale (whereas The Chase and OC still have something of a freshness about them). But not making the top five? That has to go down as something of a surprise, even after learning that some people *deliberately* didn’t vote for it.

    Pointless will definitely continue into the 2020s, and thus qualify for the Long-Running category on UKGS. But will it get back into the G5 again – and, indeed, how far into the new decade will it go?

    Millionaire With Clarky isn’t the first new show/revival to be the highest-placed in the G5 despite not winning the Hall of Fame, as OC will testify (topping the G5 in 2008 while finishing runner-up in the HoF to Duel). And 2018 wasn’t a great year for shows that frequently bubble under – Tipping Point fell from seventh to ninth, Countdown from tenth to joint 13th, University Challenge to joint 16th and GBBO to joint 18th (not that any of them are going away any time soon, of course). No real surprise, meanwhile, to see I’m A Celeb in joint 13th, after its best series in years.

    And I note that no less than ten shows shared 20th – including the other three HoF shows, the outgoing Big Brother (how many votes did Love Island get, I wonder…?), the virtually evergreen Eggheads and Strictly, and even Celwydd Noeth (is this the best placing thus far for an S4C show?).

    Terrific stuff as always, Brig and David. And Dan and Laura too. 😉


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