It’s Christmas (almost!)

By | December 23, 2019

And so Bother’s Bar enters it’s annual Christmas Lull (i.e. we’re here and about but don’t expect to have much to post about for the next week or so, although we’ll put up a discussion post for Quizmaster) and so I’d like to wish all readers a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we can all look forward to the Poll of 2019 opening on January 2nd. See if you can spot anything egregious missing from the 2019 UKGameshows list.

In the meantime, tonight there is the 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Christmas Special (9pm C4), The Crystal Maze Christmas Special (10pm C4), Christmas Eve tomorrow features the BBC nicking two of ITV’s biggest stars with likely entertainment pilot Take Off With Bradley and Holly (will it be the next Johnny and Denise’s Passport to Paradise?) (BBC1, 8pm) and there’s The Chase Bloopers (ITV, 7:30pm). Christmas Day has Celebrity Millionaire on ITV from 9pm.

Plenty of other things on too of course, but these are the things I’ll likely be watching.

9 thoughts on “It’s Christmas (almost!)

  1. Mika

    Looks like the teams for this year’s Big Fat Quizzes are pretty solid, too. Hoping for a quick Youtube upload for us foreigners.

  2. Matthew James

    House Of Games Gets Repeated On Dave From The 6th Of January at 7pm

  3. Brandon

    Stellify have uploaded a behind the scenes clip of the Celebrity Millionaire special, and the gold parts of the logo have replaced with a snowflake as in some of the older specials. Another thing learned from the video: Jeremy’s screen uses a really odd mixture of the original graphics and 2007-14 one, but the contestant screen looks normal.

    1. John R

      One thing I noticed about the hot seat screens during a recent recording is they must have a pretty good anti glare filter on them as I couldn’t see what was on the contestant’s screen sat in the audience at all

      Also, there isn’t a screen up or anything for the studio audience to follow along with the questions so it relies paying attention to Jeremy verbally, especially when it comes to Ask The Audience!

      As you may gather from the clip, the warm up is also Mark Olver from Deal And No Deal!

      1. Daniel Peake

        The screens all have privacy filters on, mainly so they don’t show fo the cameras, but also a bonus that the audience can’t see them either.

  4. Daniel Peake

    Just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to Brig and the whole Bother’s Bar crew. Thanks for being such a great gameshow community.

    Looking forward to seeing what the 2020s will bring in terms of quizzes, games and reality TV!

    1. Danny Kerner

      I have already produced a Jan 2020 list of upcoming game elementals shows (start dates when recurring gameshows are mentioned) so far confirmed
      Jan 2nd – Brand New Pointless S22 Ep 33
      Jan 4th – Masked Singer Ep 1 WWTBAM Celeb Special 2 ,First & Last, Celebrity Catchphrase
      Jan 5th – Masked Singer Ep 2 WWTBAM Celeb Special 3
      Jan 6th – Antique Road Trip S20 Richard Osman HOG S3 Ep51-55
      Jan 11th – Masked Singer Ep 3
      Jan 16th – Iain Stirling’s CelebAbility S4 (Scarlet Moffat has been dropped again)
      Jan 18th – Masked Singer Ep 4
      Jan 24th – Nickelodeon presents The Crystal Maze (VPN required to watch this series) (UK series predicted to return here)
      Jan 25th – Masked Singer Ep 5

      That’s all i know currently i believe new tipping point and chase eps will resume Jan 6th but not confirmed yet.

  5. Rebecca

    Regarding the poll of the year does Supermarket sweep count as a revival as its not on the list.


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