A palate cleanser

By | January 23, 2020

A quick round-up of stuff likely to be of interest that might have been lost in the shuffle:

  • Spy Games, from some of the people behind US Mole debuted on US Bravo a few nights ago and apparently there are two episodes you can watch with the Dark Arts. We hope to watch them at the weekend, but if you’ve watched we’re interested in your thoughts.
  • The 1% Quiz (this seems to have changed from “club” to “quiz” in the last few days), effectively Whittle with brainteasers with Lee Mack we understand, is looking for contestants/audience for a runthrough in Salford on the 29th. Tickets SRO.
  • Beat the Chasers films at Elstree end of next week and weekend. Tickets SRO.
  • Creationism, where Noel Fielding presides over a celebrity contest of arts and creativity, films at the Riverside Studios (hurrah for the reopening of studios in London) on February 7th, tickets SRO.

11 thoughts on “A palate cleanser

  1. Chris M. Dickson

    I was thinking of saving this for the next Stool Pigeon, but it’s probably better off here. There’s a new HQ-esque quiz app game doing the rounds (at least on iOS, don’t know about Android) with the entirely original title of Live Quiz. Games are 19:30 daily and sometimes at 13:00 as well, and reliably start almost exactly two minutes late. Prize money is £100 per game, sometimes £500 on a Sunday. 10 questions with three multiple-choice answers. Typically around 2,000 players start and something like 10-100 cash. I’ve managed to get 8/10 or 9/10 a couple of times but never cashed yet, but am not that hot at trivia. (Solid E-Rundler, for those who know.) Best part: no live host, crash start into Question 1, whole thing is over within about seven minutes. Worst part: quite a few adverts, payouts only once every few weeks, can’t be sure they’ve ever actually paid out yet. These things tend not to last but see if you can make a little money while they’re going.

    1. David B

      On a similar tip, somebody recently recently recommended this UK-based app: https://kuizu.co.uk/

      They work as weekly draws that work on the “more you play, the better chance you have of winning” basis. So even if you play a little, you stand a chance of something. And so far they genuinely seem to be paying out prizes.

      1. Brandon

        Hang on, isn’t this combining a lottery with a game of skill? That used to be illegal, don’t know if it still is.

        1. Andrew Sullivan

          I’ve downloaded the app and had a play with it, so I can tell you exactly how it works. There’s 8 categories you can choose from, along with 8 different prizes. You then get 15 3-answer questions on the category you chose and you have to get 80% of them correct (so effectively 12/15 correct) to earn entries into a prize draw for the prize you chose. Hope that helps.

        2. David B

          Anything that has sufficient skill in it is not a lottery, and AFAIK has never been so. In addition, this game is FREE to play anyway, so – apart from a bit of internet connection – doesn’t pass the “pay to participate” test anyway.

          I’ve nothing to do with this – it was shown to me by someone else and it looked quite good. The prizes aren’t huge, but they seem attainable in a way to me that HQ Trivia didn’t.

          1. Simon F

            Been playing this for 3 weeks now and it’s a fun time-passer (takes about 10 minutes twice a day to do all the quizzes – you do need to watch a 30 second advert at the end of the quiz which gives you double tickets to the draw).

            The majority of questions are fairly easy with some difficult ones thrown in where sometimes you are just guessing if you don’t know the subject matter (music and art are my weak subjects). They do seem to have a couple of quzzing celebs playing along as well.

            I managed to be lucky to win a prize this week which is a bonus.

  2. John R

    Something I was pondering the other day…have the Beeb silently axed the final ex lottery then not lottery show Who Dares Wins?

    1. Des Elmes

      And the Beeb and 12 Yard *still* aren’t saying anything regarding Eggheads’ future.

      I would understand if WDW was silently axed – almost every other Lottery game show left the air in this manner, after all (with the notable exception of the very first, the bona fide flop that was Big Ticket). But to axe Eggheads without a whisper, after over 16 years and around 2,000 episodes, plus two or three spin-offs (depending whether you count Are You…? and Make Me… as one or two) – and also considering, among other things, the fact that it really made the 6pm slot on BBC2 weeknights its own after the Simpsons went to C4? That, for me, would be a travesty.

      The Beeb and 12 Yard don’t have to give it a particularly big send-off – indeed, it has never made *quite* as big an impression as the Weakest Link, which certainly did get the big send-off it deserved. But surely they have to say something along the lines of “We’d like to thank Jeremy Vine, Dermot Murnaghan, all the Eggheads and everyone else who has worked on the show since 2003”?

      In any case, it’s still fun to imagine Jeremy and Dermot playing the game for themselves, with Claudia Winkleman asking the questions and putting her own spin on “You’re playing for something money can’t buy – the Eggheads’ reputation”… 🙂

      1. David B

        Every time I ask about Eggheads, people keep telling me different things. So I’ve stopped asking.

        I do agree that some kind of ‘send off’ would be justified, although I wonder if they’re hanging on (a) because they don’t have anything to replace it with, and (b) want to get another year out of repeats.

  3. Clicky

    I’m LOVING Spy Games so far!

    Some of the storylines seem a bit planned, but I’m ok with that because it’s entertaining and there’s a lot going on here.


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