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By | April 29, 2020
  • Popular Schlag den Brig (#keepmay9thfree #imbackingbrig) tribute show Schlag den Star is back on Saturday night, we’ll have all the usual commentary.
  • Has anyone watched the Netherlands’ celebrity escape room show The Big Escape yet? Requires the Dark Arts.
  • If you’ve been wanting to see what French Millionaire At Home looks like, people have been uploading to Youtube. Looks like top prize is €300,000 (celebs are playing for medical charities). I have no idea what’s going on 6mins 30sec in here, but at least the host’s pets make appearances:

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  1. Unoriginal Name

    Over in the US, CBS just announced that it is delaying season 32 of The Amazing Race (which was shot in 2018) to later this year and is instead going to start airing Game On!, the US remake of the UK sports panel show A League of Their Own on May 20th. Keegan-Michael Key hosts, Venus Williams and Rob Gronkowski are the team captains.

  2. Alex

    Unrelated news – ‘The Greatest Dancer’ has been axed. Bit of a shame; I expect LMix’s new show to fill the slot next year.

  3. Chris M. Dickson

    Sensational soaraway centenarian Captain Tom Moore, number one in our hearts as well as in our charts, who is being feted with all the honours in the land short of a knighthood and that may well just be a matter of time, apparently appeared on Blankety Blank, back in the days when TV did proper Christmas specials, when he was a sprightly 63. Something feels slightly amiss in that this purports to be from 1983 but I thought the celebrities turned on the lights around their names to indicate readiness by this point, but they appear to be using the manual “READY” boards-on-sticks indicators instead. Freddie Starr has a customised one, of course.

    Not-quite-as-silly-as-it-appears question: what are the lyrics at the start of the sting at 2:31? I interpret them as “For playing Blankety Blank (Blankety Blank), Blankety Blank (Blankety Blank), here comes the Supermatch Game (Supermatch Game), Supermatch Game… Supermatch Game!” with an implied silent “thank you” at the start, but that doesn’t feel right somehow.

    1. Mart With An Y Not An I

      The Hazelhurst music is something that I’ve always allowed to wash over me with this. The Amercian and Australian music is much more ‘quirky’ so I could see why they called Ronnie up to ‘do something similar’ with Blankety Blank.

      That said, and now you’ve mentioned it. It’s not ‘Thanks for playing..” is it? And the first word is drowned out by the applause as Cptn Tom is spun clockwise and off the nations television screens for another 37 years.

  4. David

    Here’s a very rare find- an episode of the 1970’s US show The Moneymaze:

    (The pilot has been available on YT for a while, but has different rules- the only other episode is at the Paley Center in NYC as part of a collection Andy Warhol taped dealing with commercialism…)

  5. CeleTheRef

    Situation in Italy is getting a bit better and L’Eredità resumed with a series of charity episodes featuring past champions.
    Avanti Un Altro! is also resuming, but with episodes taped before the lockdown.

  6. James

    Here’s a link to the 15 countries taking part in Raab’s Free ESC (will need translating). The UK is one of them! Exact details won’t be released until closer to broadcast by the sounds of things –

    Also, there’s a good interview with the producers of the German Mole. They’re basing their version on the Belgian one (also needs translating) –

    1. Brandon

      It says that the hosts asked to not know who the Mole is, so that means any challenges that involve the host needing to know who it is are out.

  7. Brandon

    Other foreign Supermarket Sweep trivia: the Belgian version had the very satisfying name of Winkelkarquiz, or shopping trolley quiz.


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