A fun interactive thing to do on Saturday

By | May 26, 2020

I’ve spent many evenings during lockdown playing along with Ash the Bash (Wednesday and Friday) and Royal Flu$h’s (Tuesday and Saturday) Twitch gameshow streams and this Saturday they’re doing a charidee marathon of sorts, most of which you can interact with in the Twitch chat. Do drop in as and when, it should be a lot of fun – all subs and bits given on the day will be going to charity. Starts midday UK. Can also donate directly here.

5 thoughts on “A fun interactive thing to do on Saturday

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    Tentative schedule:

    Noon: Blockbusters
    1pm: Deal or No Deal
    2pm: Family Fortunes
    3pm: Fifteen-to-One
    4pm: !mpossible
    5pm: Wipeout
    6pm: Countdown
    7pm: Dog Eat Dog
    8pm: DangerZone
    9pm: Winning Lines
    10pm: Million Doot Drop
    11pm: 1 vs. 100

    Of the ones I think I will drop in for, Deal or No Deal is rather good, the the 15-1, !mpossible, Wipeout bloc is just banger after banger (especially if Ash has his professional questions for 15-1 installed), Dog Eat Dog (actually a culmination of a series) is fun but has some balancing issues I think – and will be watch only in the main. DangerZone is really good fun to play even if it looks a bit “spreadsheet” – it’s Persephone’s Chair’s own invention, answer questions as quickly as possible to force others into elimination and features a sort of chicken-esque doubling mechanic – would need tweaks to work on TV but an excellent internet game. Winning Lines and 1 vs 100 are excellent bits of programming, and apparently there might be a super secret game at midnight. The other games, not that I’m personally not interested but rather less interested, but will likely still be worth a watch.

    1. Ashley Muncaster

      15-1 will have my proper question bank in place, so hopefully question balance should be overall much better! And yes, stay tuned for a potential special show at the 13th hour of midnight!

  2. Ryan

    Hey Ash – just wondering how we can go about participating? Looking forward to watching and hopefully joining in! Thanks!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I can answer in lieu – you play along in the Twitch chat, usually whispering your answers to the resident Quizbot (click the name and then whisper, it’ll bring up a private message window). Each game will will have a lobby code – some games have a limited amount of players that will be picked at random. A few games with focus on one or two people might require voice chat – join the Discords. If you go to Ash’s or Ben’s Twitch pages you can watch some previous videos to see how it all works!


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