It seems sad to relegate Des O’ Connor to a “Things” post, but there we are.

By | November 15, 2020
  • Sad news about the passing of singer, comic and entertainer Des O’ Connor, in the gameshow world he most famously hosted Take Your Pick and Countdown, we also remember him for hosting mid-90s talent contest with a big jackpot Pot of Gold.
  • I’m a Celeb starts its new run shooting in Wales tonight, where the weather the last few days has been, well, extremely wet. Now I think they’ve got some of the best creatives in the business so I would hope that they’ve predicted and figured everything out – I’m extremely excited to see how it plays out in a castle setting, but the celebs are only going to let themselves get so miserable before walking out surely.
  • Winning Combination starts on ITV tomorrow at 3pm, we’ll have a Show Discussion post going up tomorrow morning.
  • The Wheel looks like it has quite the set.

7 thoughts on “It seems sad to relegate Des O’ Connor to a “Things” post, but there we are.

  1. Brekkie

    What happens in 5 Gold Rings if they have equal money going into the final?

  2. Philip

    What’s the news on “The Wheel?” What’s the premise? Was it a one-off or a series? How many episodes? Is it all celebrities each episode or is it just one or two specials and civilians as well? I think I saw Alison Hammond, Melvin O’Doom, Gok Wan and Mel B.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      It’s a series, but other than Celeb ‘experts’ helping out members of the public to win big cash prizes I don’t know.

  3. Setsunael You may want to mark off Dec. 11 on your calendars – District Z , aka TF1’s Fort Boyard but in an zombie/apocalyptic universe will start airing that day. Supposedly quite a huge bet for Arthur’s production company, trying to sell it worldwide afterwards.

    Some short gameplay mechanisms here (in french) :

    1. Alex Richards

      Loving the unfitting cello rendition of Smoke on the Water at the end, there.


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