Show Discussion: Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown

By | January 9, 2021

Saturdays, 10pm,

To be honest I’m not expecting much lively discussion for this, it’s basically a panel show by the looks of things albeit one where it might get competitive.

It does mark though, I believe, the first time Paul has fronted his own TV show and it feels surprising that it’s taken someone this long with a stand-up comedy background as well as a considerable quiz following to be given a format – although we can’t rule out the possibility that he might have turned things down behind the scenes. At least he gets a third coloured suit to be on TV with now.

The press release promises a “quiz with a difference” and if that difference is anything other than “it’s Telly Addicts… but with celebrities!” we’ll be surprised and shocked. We bloody loved Telly Addicts back in the day though, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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9 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    For all the jokes about it being Not Telly Addicts, it turns out that it is, in fact, based on Telly Addicts – it’s mentioned in the credits.

    I thought it was amiable enough, although it didn’t feel like there was all that much content, felt more like it should be going out Sundays at 10 than Saturday at 10.

    As a TV nerd, I did appreciate the various graphics in the intro and the schools clock in the final round.

    1. Steve Williams

      I remember the last TV quiz we had on primetime, As Seen On TV with Steve Jones ten years ago, also had a credit to Unique at the end of it, even though that format seemed to have very little to do with Telly Addicts (it was more like That’s Showbusiness if anything), so maybe it’s just the case that both shows did it in case anyone started kicking off. I’m not sure there was much here that Unique can claim credit for that hasn’t been in umpteen other shows.

      This was alright, I like Paul but it seemed a bit of a waste of his wit and talents. I think the difficulty level of the questions was all over the place – the guess-from-the-clues round was a right stinker for Rob’s team – and it reminded me a bit of the Pop Quiz revival in that if the questions are as basic as that, we probably don’t need to spend five minutes discussing each one.

  2. Cliff

    Well – I didn’t expect to see “Based on Telly Addicts” in the end credits! It’s not as lively or as freewheeling as Telly Addicts, but it’s very nice to have the format back.

  3. Scousegirl

    Desperately boring! Very little knowledge needed. I’m amazed at Paul Sinha wasting his time and considerable brainpower on this.

  4. Henry R

    Wasn’t Telly Addicts mentioned in a stool pigeon last year as a revival with Jane McDonald?

  5. Brekkie

    This sadly didn’t spring into life. Paul is probably wittier off script and didn’t really spring into life till the quick fire round.

    The show was just too slow and too obvious otherwise – felt the questions just weren’t interesting enough.

  6. Greg

    I am not familiar with the female team captain as I didn’t watch Cold Feet but she didn’t seem to have much personality or know much about TV. If they wanted a female team captain Alison Hammond would have been my choice.

    I enjoyed it and will be back for episode 2, oh wait according to my EPG that was episode 2.

    It did a very respectable 2.3 million according to Digital Spy

  7. Daniel Williams

    This was OK.
    The main problem I have is the tone was all over the place.
    It didn’t know if it wanted to be a celebrity quiz show or an comedy panel show.
    Choose one tone and stick to it.
    And Paul, I like him but he was just too dry of a host for this. We needed someone that could liven it up.

  8. James Fisher

    I quite like this, he is only just starting out as a game show host remember, I am happy to give him a bit of time


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