Upcoming Bother’s Bar Excitement

By | January 11, 2021

Nobody’s going out, so here’s a line-up of some stuff coming up over the next month!

  • Sunday 17th January 9pm – Poll Of The Year Results! Join us LIVE for our annual star-studded event! Find out what YOU voted for, what were the best and worst formats of the last year?
  • Sunday 24th January 9pm – Bother’s Bar’s Award Winning Game Night! A change of day to avoid clashes with more popular Game Nights, we’ll play your favourite games and find out for the first time which Arbitrary Final gets a second go around.
  • Saturday 30th January – Schlag den Star! It’s our next Watchalong!
  • Sunday 7th February – A LIVE mystery event! What’s fourth in the sequence? Pencil it in your diary, you’ll find out soon enough!

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Bother’s Bar Excitement

  1. Mika

    “Sunday 7th February – A LIVE mystery event! What’s fourth in the sequence?” – Or— in other words— “Questions Too Esoteric For Questions Too Esoteric For Only Connect”

  2. David

    Did anyone watch the Pembrokeshire Murders on ITV tonight? Who played Jim Bowen?


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