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By | February 11, 2021

I’ve been watching some films recently that may or may not be of interest. They’re all on Amazon Prime right now, and some of them stream on other services.

Literally none of the deadly elements of this poster actually turn up in the film.

In Escape Room, Skeet Ulrich is the designer of Escape Rooms and his company, although once successful, is currently down on its luck. That is until he espies a cursed skull box in an old bric-a-brac store which the shopkeeper refuses to sell despite the fact it’s on full display which you’d think would be a silly decision but there we are. Anyway the skull box is cursed but looks wicked so he puts it in his room. Then a group of people try out the room and solve its many puzzles but end up dying because of the demon in the box.

TBH it’s a bit of a crap escape room, it only seems to have about five puzzles in it, it’s no wonder the business is doing badly.

However if that doesn’t appeal, why not try Escape Room? In it group of people go to an escape room for a birthday, but it turns out that if they don’t solve the puzzles they DIE. This one is like a crap knock-off of Saw, but is certainly a better escape room than the escape room in the first Escape Room.

However if you’re not in the mood for those, why not have a look at Escape Room? This big budget high concept film sees a group of invited strangers take on a series of escape rooms, each of which is filled with DEADLY PERIL. It’s effectively a series of set-piece rooms each with only one real puzzle in them, but it’s schlocky fun and has a variety of settings and ideas. Think a slightly less lovable Cube but with worse characters and a variety of sets.

Escape rooms are a great location for horror films, you can’t just run away from peril, you must engage it in order to escape it. Does the panel have any more recommendations for the Sort Of Thing We’d Quite Enjoy?

Speaking of this sort of thing, The Room 4: Old Sins gets released on Steam today (if you haven’t played it on mobile already).

3 thoughts on “The Bother’s Bar Film Club

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Aaaaah I am so excited about this.

        My main point of contention is that the 80s hyperreal Futurism of the original is quintessential and that’s not going to come across this time. I wonder if they’ll make it more in line with the original short story, which is a bit less showbiz and a bit more Hunted.


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