Lunar New Year Community Fun

By | February 12, 2021

Some heads up on some streaming stuff happening over the weekend:

  • Ash the Bash is ending his Quiz Night season (don’t worry, the new one starts next week) with a Timeshock invitational extravaganza tonight on his channel from 8pm. The top 24 Quiz Night players from throughout the season battle it out in a special edition of the famous Japanese quiz.
  • And tomorrow, Saturday night, I’m appearing on the second game of Royal_flu$h’s Face/Off as part of his grand tournament. It’s sure to be amusing. The stream starts at 8pm, I’m likely to be on 10-ish.

Finally you may be aware we were planning a MYSTERY EVENT for next Sunday night, this is being postponed because of real life, we will reschedule in due course.

2 thoughts on “Lunar New Year Community Fun

  1. Gyroscopes

    Did we ever quite work out what ITV’s ‘The Money Shot’ or “Money Ball” or whatever they’re calling it now actually involved? Something similar maybe heading to Germany?

    The logo symbol of German TV Channel VOX is a red sphere, and they’ve now built a gameshow around it. At first I thought it looked like ‘the edge’, but actually it seems to be all about sinking your ball down a big hole!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      It’s Bowl in One (or Two)!

      Similar but different idea I think, as I understand it Moneyball is a *bit* like The Wall But Horizontal.


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