This is the best new Fort Boyard game in years

By | June 21, 2021

It’s fair to suggest these days that most new Fort Boyard (certainly key) games basically involve filling up a tube to release the key, the other ten percent are slide the key along a pipe. Metro is very much in the latter camp, but everything about the set-up is so good – set in an underground station Pere Fouras built between La Rochelle and New York, the contestant must enter the abandoned station and in the dark find the switch to make it operational. This a) Turns the lights on, and b) releases the key but unfortunately it also c) turns the water pumps on and d) locks the door behind them. To win they must slide the key around the course so they can use it to unlock the door and escape before time runs out.

There’s still a lot of new stuff from this year to discover, Fort Boyard continues on France 2 on Saturday nights, our discussion page is here but everyone’s rather taken to the Bother’s Bar Discord.

One thought on “This is the best new Fort Boyard game in years

  1. Lee Turner

    Its a good game. But i don’t personally feel episode 1 gave it justice. It felt very rushed compared to everything else and all over the place. Could just be harder to film i guess.


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