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By | October 5, 2021

Studio Lambert to remake De Verraders for the BBC (as The Traitors):

It’s an adventure game very similar to Werewolf/Mafia and its ilk – an informed minority take on an uninformed majority – the team earn silver bars by completing adventure challenges, they vote out one of their own (who they believe to be one of the three traitors) meanwhile at night the traitors decide on who to “kill”. At the end the people left do a split or steal decision (YAY) to determine who wins what. Hopefully Studio Lambert can redefine the Prisoner’s Dilemma genre. Hopefully it’ll be as good as their Race Across the World.

The English Wiki page is here. Quite interestingly for a hidden role game, the whole thing’s done largely from the perspective of the Traitors, you as a viewer won’t need to figure it out.

3 thoughts on “Potensh very interesting

  1. Mark A

    Intriguing. Sounds like an adult version of Trapped. Not so keen on the idea of yet another prisoner’s dilemma endgame though!

  2. Brekkie

    Interesting but what if the three traitors are voted out first?

    Also what is their motivation – are they eligible for the main prize or building their own pot based on the team failing?

    1. David

      The traitors are playing for the same prize, so they want the team to do as well as possible in the challenges- it’s not WIDM in that sense.

      In the Dutch series, when one of the traitors was voted out, the other two were able to secretly ask one of the other players to join them (and that person ended up being one of the winners that season). The person didn’t know who asked them until they decided to join them (otherwise it would have been an offer they couldn’t refuse, since they would have just “killed” that person that night otherwise)

      The split or steal is a little different- when they get down to the final three, they each vote for the person they want to take to the final 2- and when there’s a mutual match (A picks B, B picks A) those two do the split/steal decision- with the caveat that if they both steal, player C (the one not picked) wins everything (which was moot in the Dutch series because the final 2 decided to split, but gave the 3rd person a share anyway- I suspect there will be a clause in the contestant contract preventing this).

      One thing is that the Dutch version used celebrities- I don’t know if the UK or US goes that route; and with civilian contestants it could get vicious, depending on how much is at stake- the Dutch version used kilograms of silver bars (the Dutch season won 22 kilos out of a possible 50), and while I think UK will go that route (because of the budget- 50 kilos would be £26,850, which seems reasonable- they could go to 100 kilos knowing the final total would be about half that), I don’t know about the US- they wouldn’t use kilos, they’d probably use 100 ounce bars (100 100 ounce bars would be a little over $226,000 US, so half that is about $113,000, which for a streaming show is about standard)


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