13 thoughts on “Poll Prep

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Yep, that’ll count – it’s got a legitimate quiz even if that is not the “point”.

      Better to suggest and have us reject than not suggest at all, I say.

  1. Barney Sausage

    Hey Brig…dare I put forward BBC Radio Lancashire’s “True vs False”, which ran for five episodes across August…and which you graced with your own presence?

    I’d LOVE to see it included…wouldn’t get a vote (apart from my own, natch!) but it would be there, for posterity, for all time…

    Go on…it’s Christmas, after all…!

  2. Crimsonshade

    I’m not sure if it’s technically a game show or a “games” show (:P), but should the Gamesmaster revival also be on the list?

  3. George G

    October seems to be missing the Blankety Blank revival (unless you count it from the special in December 2020 but it isn’t listed there either)

  4. Danny Kerner

    I think this is a first for a while where no new gameshow debuted in a single month. June is the first year month with nothing new.


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