The Poll of the Year 2021 is now OFFICIALLY open!

By | January 2, 2022

Can you hear that? Yes! It’s the UKGameshows/Bother’s Bar Poll of the Year truck touring the nation with a choir of people singing “holidays have finished! Holidays have finished!” for the 17th time! And that means it’s time for you to VOTE VOTE VOTE.

You’ve got a week to do it, all the deets (details) can be found on the Poll Page.

Whilst we’re here, a quick reminder that Wie is De Mol 2022 started last night in The Netherlands, we’re still awaiting English subs at time of writing but I’m sure they’ll appear soon. We don’t have a dedicated WIDM page this year, you lot decided you’d rather discuss it on the Discord, so #molchat is the place to go.

Oh yes, and Happy New Year everyone.

2 thoughts on “The Poll of the Year 2021 is now OFFICIALLY open!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Yep, it was posted in the Discord a few days ago. Sad indeed.

      It’s quite odd seeing them before them pre-Botox though.


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