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By | January 5, 2022

The Poll of The Year Truck was in Swindon today, the rest of the week it’s going to Nottingham, Carlisle, Edinburgh and Inverness on Sunday before having to make its way back to Truro on Monday which seems like poor planning. If you see it out in the wild, do post a photo to insta (Instagram). Like a DFS Sale, polling MUST END SUNDAY so remember to get your votes in.

In other news forget Quizzy Mondays, it’s all about BUSINESS THURSDAYS on BBC1 with new Dragon’s’ Den and new The Apprentice starting tomorrow. There’s a new Dragon in town whose USP seems to be “he’s under thirty”, and original Apprentice winner Tim Campbell is temporarily taking over from Claude Littner as one of Sir Alan’s advisors as he went ill before filming. I gather they filmed this series and the next one back to back I think, so he’s probably going to be on that one as well, although I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

AS WELL AS Schlag den Star on Saturday, this Saturday is also the start of the much-hyped Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win. A Show Discussion post will go up on Friday afternoon. However to get you in the mood, before the series filmed in October we offered you the chance to win £7.99 – the price of 2Unlimited’s No Limits album. The winner will be the person closest to the mean win, with a guess to the highest rung in-play as the tie-breaker. Here’s a reminder of what you suggested:


RANGE: £8,560 – £487,500
Mean Avg Guess: £104,695.53
Median Guess: £69,500


RANGE: £45,000 – £8,500,000
Mean Avg Guess: £1,620,459.20
Median Guess: £1,125,000

Well now all your entries can be revealed, as well as your thinking. Who’s been clever and who was quite far from the truth? We’ll know in five episode’s time.

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