Who is going to be the next richardosman?

By | April 8, 2022

The Sun had it this morning and now he’s confirmed it:

Rotating co-hosts for the forseeable, the jostling to become the show that inevitably replaces it is going to be a lot of fun – it’s been on a slow decline for a fair while but it’s still pulling in very respectable numbers, I can’t help but think that with one of the key reasons departing that decline is going to speed up. Perhaps they’ll find their Johnny and Denise though.

6 thoughts on “Who is going to be the next richardosman?

  1. Jason Hill

    Bobby Seagull? I heard Theroux was interested in Paxo’s shoes, so he might be up for the gig. Frank Paul also definitely has the head full of facts!

  2. Daniel W

    I mean if one of the rotating co hosts isn’t Alex Horne then what are they doing?
    Has TV assistant experience, likes stats, and has that same quirkiness

  3. Des Elmes

    I still can’t quite believe that Pointless – and, for that matter, The Chase – have now been running for longer than the original Weakest Link. Must be something to do with increasing age…

    I’ll quote what Weaver said about the original WL when it ended (ten years ago now, can’t quite believe that either…): “Truth to tell, it could have gone off air at any time after 2006 and we wouldn’t have said it was going too soon, but nor did it ever obviously pass its ask-by date.”

    I don’t think it’s unfair to say that daytime Pointless could have disappeared from the airwaves at any time in the last 2-3 years – virus or no virus – and it wouldn’t have obviously been too soon. How fair is it to say, however, that it might have already passed its ask-by date?

    In any case, it’ll certainly continue for another few years – it’s still pulling in very respectable numbers, as Brig says, and also there’s no obvious replacement waiting in the wings (whereas, of course, it was an obvious replacement for the original WL). Still a crying shame that !mpossible never *quite* took off…

    1. Mark A

      My choice would be (IMO) the ultimate brainy sidekick… Miles “Tails” Prower!

      In all seriousness, I am very surprised that Osman has chosen to leave. He was the best part of this show and he will be greatly missed.

      I wish him all the best for the future.

  4. Brekkie

    And all this overshadowed by the most epic episode of Bargain Hunt where they presumably had to make up some penalty rules for not buying 3 items on the spot – and the minus £75 starting point seemed fair.

  5. Philip

    I wonder if this isn’t the start of Osman transferring to a more behind the scenes role.
    I mean take House of Games. We’re going to be going in to Series 6 (with the episodes now filming) Every regular week of the programme features 4 new celebrity contestants and there are Champion of Champions specials since Series 3 where the net has been widened to include not only Weekly winners but Daily winners. It’s Osman’s show with no civilian version all playing for useful prizes rather than for charity. If they continue like this, I could see him having 2 or 3 more series with a championship version following.

    With Osman’s burgeoning literary and behind the scenes doings keeping him busy, who knows what will happen?


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