Board of Excitement End of June ’23 Edition

By | June 17, 2023

Haven’t done this for a while, and my peak work period is over for the year which is just as well because look at this little lot coming up:

  • 22nd June: Puzzling on Channel 5, 8pm. Lucy Worsley hosts new puzzly gameshow on Channel 5, two teams of three compete in challenges of logic, observation and mental agility, the winning team must then compete against each other to determine an overall winner to go through to the final. We’ll have a Show Discussion post for this in due course.
  • 23rd June and various: Password with Alan Carr and Daisy May Cooper films in London and there are still tickets avaliable.
  • 26th June: Popmaster on More 4, 8pm. Ken Bruce brings his music quiz to TV. Do you remember the Popmaster vs Ten To The Top Wars of about April 2023? Great days. A show discussion post will appear in due course.
  • 27th-29th June: One Question with Claudia Winkleman is filming in Hammersmith, tickets are available.
  • 28th June: Muscles and Mayhem on Netflix. You wait 30 years for a documentary on American Gladiators and then two come along at once – the recent one on ESPN was well received, what different stories this one will have remains to be seen.
  • 30th June: Is It Cake Too? Launches on Netflix.
  • 1st July: It’s the OFFICIAL start of Summer as Fort Boyard returns to France 2, 8:10pm UK time. Catacombs, a new big platform, watchmaking and a pirate ship all promised, amongst other novelties, and Pere Fouras has nine new assets (well, some are repeats from last year) to modify and shake up the format. Last year France 2 dropped their geoblocking between 8-11pm UK so you could watch it live if you wanted without messing about with a VPN so fingers crossed you can do the same this year. Discussion in #fortboyardchat in the Discord.
  • 4th-7th July: Deal or No Deal is filming in Salford and there are still tickets available, although some shows are starting at 9:15am so God knows how early you need to get there for those. Also it’s being done by Applause Store, so they’ve probably given out three times as many tickets as seats and you’ll probably have to open a box to determine if you actually get in or not.
  • 8th, 15th July: It’s the other two episodes of Die 100,000 Mark Show on RTL which are being burned off, which is a bit of a shame but there we are.

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