Dead or Alive

By | February 8, 2024

So here’s some fun spotted on the Discord last night. Non-hit Survivor UK, which was casting for a POTENTIAL second series and was due to close its inbox for applications next Friday, has mysteriously shut early – it’s disappeared from the BBC site, and the online portal has a message suggesting it’s closed/paused. Two possible reasons off the top of my head, perhaps you can think of more:

  • They had so many incredible applications already, for a show that was barely watched, they thought they’d end it there and then as there’s no need for anyone else to apply.
  • It’s done.

Option two seems more likely than option one, but who knows? Perhaps there’s a last ditch pivot to Celebrity Survivor happening.

4 thoughts on “Dead or Alive

  1. Adam Cronin

    Or Option 3, the BBC have discovered that The Traitors is its Gold Mine so why bother flog a dead horse any further?

    1. Alex McMillan

      Because having one show that does gangbusters each year isn’t enough to support the whole channel? If anything, the buzz for The Traitors would suggest the appetite is there for more competitive reality content (when done right and scheduled correctly)

  2. Greg

    From the moment I heard they had cast Joel Dommett as host I just knew the people who were making this had no idea what they were doing. The hosting on a show like Survivor is key and having somebody making light of what is going on is not the vibe I want or expect.

    I actually think Million Dollar Island would have been a better survivor type show for the BBC. But that was never going to happen as it flopped in Oz.


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