Some Things For The Weekend

By | February 10, 2024

Or a weekend anyway.

First of all this weekend, Holger on the Discord will be streaming the latest series of Wer stiehlt mir die show? variously live on Sunday nights (from tomorrow) or delayed on Tuesday nights going forward (check the Events Tab in the Discord for dates). Who’s Stealing The Show is basically the German answer to the question “what if you gave House of Games a big budget, and had each week’s winner present the next show?” and is extremely inventive and fun, this series, which is always helmed by Joko out of Joko & Klaas, features Klaas out of Joko & Klaas as one of the regular contestants, as well as Lena out of Eurovision.

But what are you doing March 16th? Well FOTB and modern-day Chris Goss Ben Lathbury AKA Persephone’s Chair AKA Royal Flush is running his 400th Game Night, except it’s another charity marathon one where he goes through all of his interactive Twitch formats and this time he’s raising money for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), here’s the line-up:

It’s all good, although that final quarter in particular looks unmissable, big fan of The Escape Artist and Dangerzone as quiz formats, although I’m intrigued to find out what the Guest Games are, and how long it will all overrun. If you want a taster, Ben usually streams on Saturday nights from 8pm on Twitch and you can playalong in the chat and on your phone these days.

Finally apropos of nothing other than a lot of people have requested it over a little while, I’ve uploaded the entire series of BBC 3’s 2004 espionage crash course reality competition Spy to Youtube. It’s unlisted (for now) but not private especially, but having had the channel copyright banned once already many years ago I’m extremely wary of it happening again, as such don’t get overexcited about the possibility of more, we’ll see how this goes, think of it as an early 20th Anniversary Of The Bar present. The quality’s not amazing, sorry.

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