This is quite a boring week

By | April 29, 2024

Next week you’ve got The Finish Line series two (BBC1 weekdaily), Double the Money (C4 Thursday), I Kissed A Girl (BBC3 (Sunday), a week of Beat the Chasers (ITV1 weeknightly) and of course The Eurovision Song Contest (BBC1, Tues/Thurs/Sat). This week: Na-da. Nothing. Same old.

So here’s a regular feature from the Discord, some BARB Top 50 ratings highlights for The Sorts Of Things That Are Relevant. If you want numbers up to FOUR significant figures, you can find them and the entire top 50 on the BARB website. These are consolidated +7 numbers, including pre-transmission and devices.

Bother’s Bar BARBed Wire 15th-21st April 2024
1 – Britain’s Got Talent (Launch) 7.0m
2 – BGT (Sunday) 6.2m
4 – The Apprentice Final 6.0m
6 – Race Across the World 5.0m
8 – The 1% Club 4.7m
12 – Have I Got News For You 4.0m
29-32 (Various, 3 eps) Masterchef 3.3-3.4m
30 – The Apprentice: You’re Fired 3.4m
37-50 (Various, 5 eps) The Chase 2.4-2.9m
38 – Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr 2.9m

2 thoughts on “This is quite a boring week

  1. Oliver R

    Who’s gonna tell the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language that the Brig has decreed there’s now a hyphen in the middle of ‘nada’?


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