Netflix Stats and Chill July-Dec 23

By | May 23, 2024

Earlier I was thinking to myself “hmm, we must be due the next tranche of Netflix stats quite soon,” spookily enough they were released an hour earlier. Spooky. You can download them from here if you want.

Like last time I have to wrack my brains a bit to remember what of interest was released in the back half of last year, and it’s worth pointing out that these numbers only take that window into account, so something released middle of December will have little chance to accumulate compared to something released 1st July. Here are the highlights from the first set of numbers that were released for Jan-June 2023. Let’s have a look and see what the new numbers bring – of new interest is “amount of viewers” which is just the hours watched divided by the series runtime, we can’t know how many people dropped off a series, but if you’ve watched most of it you’re probably watching all of it. Also this is *just* the TV shows list, films have their own page.

Squid Game Challenge (released 22/11/23) – 270.6m hrs, 33.1m viewers
Making Squid Game: The Challenge (6/12/23) – 1.5m hours, 3m viewers
The Devil’s Plan (26/9/23) – 72.4m hrs, 5.4m viewers
Zombieverse S1 (8/8/23) – 29.6m hrs, 4m viewers
Is It Cake Too? (30/6/23) – 98.5m hrs, 16.8m viewers
Is She The Wolf? S1 (11/6/23) – 6.8m, 800k viewers
Muscles and Mayhem (that American Glads doc) (28/6/23) – 19.3m hrs, 5.4m viewers
Too Hot to Handle S5 (14/7/23) – 111.4m hrs, 13.5m viewers
The Big Nailed It! Baking Challenge S1 (4/8/23) – 28.5m hrs, 3.7m viewers
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On S2 (23/8/23) – 76.8m hrs, 10.4m viewers
Love is Blind S5 (22/9/23) – 155.7m, 14.1m
Single’s Inferno S3 (12/12/23) – 49.5m hrs, 5.6m viewers

What counts as ‘good’? There are of course different expectations for different shows, and of course some shows on the list will have a time advantage over others. However as an *extremely quick and dirty* metric, I’ve stripped the spreadsheet to a) only Netflix originals, b) must be available globally, c) must have come out between July and end of September, i.e. the first three months of the period.

There are 97 shows that fit that criteria. The 49th show, the median on the list in terms of hours viewed is in fact The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge Season 1, released 4/8/23, 28.5m hrs, 7:48 run time, 3.7m viewers. The median in terms of “amount of views” is Kohrra: Season 1, released 15/7/23, 30.9m hrs, 6.4m viewers. The mean average for the selection, rounded to three sig figs, is 68.6m hrs, 9.87m viewers. 19 shows recorded over 100,000,000 hrs.

We can also look at what was featured in the previous highlights and see what they’ve added in the subsequent six months:

Physical 100 S1 added 22.7m hrs to the 235.0m it got last time.
Siren: Survive the Island added 3.8m to the 11.7m it got last time
Cheat S1 added 1.0m to the 6.5m it got last time.
Too Hot to Handle Germany S1 added 8.4m to the 42.6m it got last time.
Love is Blind S4 added 44m to the 229.7m it got last time.
Dance 100 added 2.2m to the 16.6m it got last time.

Is there anything interesting from the latest stats we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Netflix Stats and Chill July-Dec 23

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    Yes I know a few of those release dates are mid-end June, but it seems silly to not look at them on the basis of a few days.

    For completeness: Muscles and Mayhem got 6.3m in the previous spreadsheet, Is It Cake Too? 3m, Is She the Wolf 800k.

  2. Oliver

    Too Hot to Handle is a bit of a sleeper mega-hit, isn’t it? Never heard of it (I’m not the demo) but it’s not miles off some much higher profile shows.


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