18 thoughts on “From the subnormal to the ridiculous

  1. Andrew Warren

    You seriously have no idea how incredibly grateful I was to discovered the Secret of the Cryptkeeper’s Haunted House feature when I was digging through the archive a while back.

    For years I’d had vague memories of that show but had no idea what it had been called or any of the details. At one point I honestly begin to wonder if I’d hallucinated it.

    1. art begotti

      It wasn’t a hallucination…

      …it was a nightmare.

      (*turns into a bat and flies off)

  2. Jennifer Turner

    Heads Or Tails has been axed. What took them so long?

      1. Tom H

        And they axed his chatshow Good Times as well.

        I imagine they’ll soon find the keys for his golden handcuffs.

        1. Mart with a Y not a I

          JLC will be gone and paid off once (or if)Richard Desmond takes over the joint later this week. If that happens it’ll be rebranded 5-OKtv within weeks..

          Let’s hope RTL look at the joint Channel 4- NBCU bid a little more closely, rather than the large cheque Desmond is waving around to get the broadcaster.

  3. Joe

    Is Push the Button coming back for another series? Or Ant and Dec returning to Saturday Night Takeaway?

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      The last I heard, SNT is “resting” but not axed and Ant and Dec have refined Push the Button and want to do another series of it.

  4. David

    Now the BB eviction has been scrubbed for this week..you think Keeley isn’t coming back (she has a broken ankle- it was confirmed), or the producers didn’t want to bring her back only to go right back out (she was a 1/4 favorite to go)…

  5. Joe

    Isn’t there a rule where if the housemate is out of the house for more than 24 hours, they’re automatically ejected?

  6. Jennifer Turner

    For once, the one successful pitch on Dragon’s Den WASN’T the last one! I don’t think that’s happened since series one.

    1. Alex

      I’ve seen it happen a few times in the millions of times Dave has it on.

      1. NJ

        Yeah it happens a few times, I’ve seen episodes with 2-3 successful pitches.

        1. Jennifer Turner

          Yes, sometimes other pitches are successful as well (usually the second main pitch). And rarely, they have no successful pitches at all. But when the number of successful pitches exceeds zero, it includes the last pitch – except last night.

  7. Travis P

    Millionaire returns Tuesday 3rd August with the revivsed format. Now you know.


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