It’s the Bother’s Bar Royal Wedding Theme Week!

By | April 25, 2011

I have literally just decided this, and that means that all week I’ll be featuring clips found on Youtube regarding the royals, weddings or indeed both. But mainly weddings.

We kick things off with hilarious Saturday night Not A Hit The Shane Richie Experience. Based loosely (we believe) on the long-running Dutch show Love Letters (we did a feature on the German version not so long ago), the winning couple got married there and then at the end of the show and got a honeymoon. When the show came back as Love Me Do, they got a dream wedding instead.

This is a heavily edited episode from the point of view of one of the contestants:

4 thoughts on “It’s the Bother’s Bar Royal Wedding Theme Week!

  1. Gizensha

    …Is it my imagine, or is one of the dancers at about 1:20 Brendan Cole?

  2. art begotti

    For Mr. Weaver: I really liked your article this week on Fighting Talk and Around the Horn. I’ve always been a fan of the format of Horn (quick, light debate about current events), but I’ve never been a huge sports fan, so much of the actual discussion goes right over my head. I think in older episodes, the format was tweaked a little bit so that there was more time for discussion on each topic, but I guess they’ve sped things up since I’ve last watched it. I’d still love to see the format redone with a broader focus, like general current events.

  3. SamB

    I never understood why on earth it was called ‘The Shane Richie Experience’. It doesn’t describe the point of the show at all, other than ‘it’s got Shane Richie in it’. ‘Love Me Do’ is a much better title.

    1. Mart with a Y not a I

      Vauge recollection from somewhere in the back of me head, that it was contractual.

      ITV (Granada) had tied Richie down to a contract and amongst other various enterprises for the channel, a Shane Richie in the show title, was part of that deal.


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