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By | July 6, 2011

I might be reading a bit too much into this but I’ve had an e-mail from SRO asking if I want more tickets for Epic Win – it sounds like they’re a bit slow to be taken up.

75% of recordings I go to were very little fun whatsoever. Epic Win did not fall into that category, so if you’re free on upcoming weekends and fancy a free evening out in London, there are many worse things you could be doing. And the SRO Bloke will probably call you very sexy, which is the kind of customer service you just don’t get from Applause Store.

The details and booking form are here.

14 thoughts on “Empty Win

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    Meanwhile Channel 4’s pub quizzers in a van show Quiztrippers ( I confidently predict this title was chosen as the least worst option) begins Monday at 5pm.

  2. Jennifer Turner

    From Broadcastnow:

    Boy racers and policemen will go head to head racing real cars via remote control in a series for Dave.

    Blink Films’ 8 x 60-minute Driving Wars will also challenge gamers and rally drivers to compete in a series of tests, which include being run off the road by armoured trucks, shot at by tanks, and jumping over 100 feet of parked cars.

    The show, fronted by Colin Murray, will also recreate iconic stunts from films including Bullitt and Mad Max.

    Driving Wars will feature cars fitted with cameras and the latest robotic technology hooked up to a driving simulator that enables them to be driven remotely.

    The high-octane series has not been formally commissioned but is being filmed in Suffolk and is scheduled to air this autumn.

    It’s a bit like Combat Cars, then.

    1. David B

      Looks like a very sloppily-designed stunt. Surely the people should’ve been further away than that? The girl in the back doesn’t appear to be wearing her seat belt either.

      1. Mart with an Y not an I

        Made much worse by the fact that he swerved to avoid the polysterene wall and lost control of the car.

        Probably the fact that he hit the car just off the runway track, probably save the life of the presenter and cameraman, as it absorbed some of the impact.

  3. Anonymous

    OK, so:

    Completely unrelated but

    Fort Boyard is coming back in the Netherlands..!

    1. Alex

      Oh wow, I’ve only just SEEN existence of Dutch FB from the early 90s literally this afternoon.

  4. Greg

    Fort Boyard Ultimate Challenge is joinging Disney XD and the CITV channel, only 10 shows at 30 minutes each have been ordered.

  5. David

    I won’t go into too much detail, but here’s the jist of BB’s twists..

    -The 8 “new” HG’s were told to pair up into duos.

    -HOH is different; instead of nominating two people, the winning duo will nominate one of the other duos; thus (barring a POV) they duo will have to campaign against each other.

    -The 3 “veteran” duos were as was expected.

    -However, after the HOH was decided, there was a another twist. For the first four weeks, the person who survives the eviction is given a Golden Key- basically, they are given immunity from nomination and eviction until 10 players are left (at that point I suspect they’ll split the duos up and play as individuals). They won’t play in any comps (so cannot be HOH), but will vote.

    -There will be a further twist announced on the Sunday episode.

    1. Brekkie

      The sooner Alison Grodner is removed as exec producer the better – the show just hasn’t developed at all since Arnold Shapiro after having tweaks every season for the first five years, and yet again we have another couples/pairs twist which will be over in 3-4 weeks meaning it’s business as normal for the bulk of the series. Heck, she’s even resorted to HG wearing a Unitard yet again after the first PoV competition.

      I’ll admit the nominations/Golden Key idea is a nice little twist – but overall it’s lame.


      And although even by the end of the premiere it was tiring watching Evil Dick doing the same old routine, now he has already left the house the most interesting returnee has already gone. Jeff and Jordan are bland in the extreme, Rachel and therefore Brendon is the most annoying person to ever enter a BB house anywhere in the world whilst Danielle barely spoke during the premiere, but perhaps her dad going will help her cause.


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