Stuck on Repeat

By | November 20, 2011

Again, not much exciting happening this week (there’s this year’s best new recorded quiz of last year Million Dollar Mind Game hopefully put up on Youtube tomorrow and broadcast in the US today, and it’s another Only Connect semi-final on Monday, 8:30pm, BBC4).

So Bother’s Bar is doing some repeats! The Chase is very “in” at the moment, but it is not the first time quiz champions have been playing for or defending big cash prizes. Australia has tried a few formats in the past, they flopped, but here are the articles from Bother’s Bar’s previous incarnation spruced up for the modern audience and put back up on the Specials Board:


Don’t forget to get any post-perfomance guesses in by 8pm, Fantasy X Factor managers.

8 thoughts on “Stuck on Repeat

    1. David B

      If you catch the West Coast repeat or Youtube later on, there’s a question in this show that’s extremely easy for us to answer!

      Have to say, I much preferred the puzzles in the second episode – which was the first I watched – because I felt there was more practical deduction possible in that set of questions. Latterly, they’ve been more of the riddle type which are much harder to work out. I did like the detergent one, however.

      1. art begotti

        SPOILERS! Oh. for the ending of MDMG: I like how the advertised episode for next week was actually the first episode aired. That’s not the first time I noticed a slip-up in the preview, so it’s clear someone really wasn’t paying attention to the order that episodes came out. I mean, I guess when you get shelved for a year and burned off (I’m assuming the editing staff have long since moved on), these things will inevitably happen.

        Oh, you thought I was going to spoil the game itself? 😉

  1. David

    Miljoenenjacht started it’s winter run tonight- waiting for it to pop up on the replay service…

  2. James E. Parten

    The idea of having successful contestants coming back for a new series is nothing new here. This was the idea of “The $64,000 Challenge” back in 1956. That show’s format also allowed for celebrities to visit, with Vincent Price being the most notable celeb to do so.

    Then, there’s the “Tournament of Champions” idea, which we know from “Jeopardy!” and the UK fans know from “Countdown”. That goes back at lest to the 1960’s run of “Concentration”–in fact, one of the episodes on YouTube is from the 1963 tournament, including erstwhile baseball pitcher Ralph Branca.


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