It’s Simon Mayo!

By | February 6, 2012

Well it’s an unexpected one but actually quite a decent choice as he was good on Winning Lines and Confessions, but it looks like Simon Mayo will be hosting Blockbusters. Filming starts this week.

In other news, Alexander Armstrong’s Big Ask begins this evening at 9pm on Dave, it sounds like Series 6 of Pointless with the new head to head round begins next Monday, and it’s another De Mol Monday, and we’re talking about it here.

11 thoughts on “It’s Simon Mayo!

  1. Netizen

    The same set too, but which one? I can’t see the ‘sculpted’ figures coming back… but never mind that, this is excellent news.

  2. Weaver

    Simon Mayo? That, producers, is absolute genius!

    Mayo was understatedly brilliant on Winning Lines, in my view even better than the legend that is Phillip Schofield, and that’s very good indeed. He’s got a great wit, he can cope with anything, and I expect that he’ll be sufficiently laid-back to let the contestants be the star of the show.

    It’s amazing how the appointment of a known good host can lift expectations from “won’t be as good as the original” to “judge it on its merits”.

    1. David

      Looks pretty good- nice nod to the original by using the font on the spaces…

        1. Rob Francis

          According to my sources via Twitter, yes, it’s still £5 a question, the theme tune is similar to the classic Ed Welch tune, and Simon Mayo is doing a good job!

    2. Mart with a Y not an I

      Nice set, there.

      But there looks something ‘wrong’ with the gameboard. I wonder if it’s a rendered screensaver type image, used during the downtime in recording because it doesn’t look like it’s going through the game control computers – it doesn’t look ‘live’ enough..

      ..and would look simply awful in HD.

  3. Alex

    I really should have signed up for Blockbusters and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t.

    1. Andy "Kesh" Sullivan

      I’m gutted as well, I got called to do an audition, my team-mate couldn’t make it as he was working so I was asked to call them back in the first week of January to reschedule the audition…and I forgot!

      1. Thomas

        I attended the audition, made the first short list and then the producers short list. An application has been made for my CRB but, as yet, no place on the show. I’m currently being kept in a holding pattern – assuming this is because they don’t really know how many singles/couple they will need. I’m not holding my breath…

  4. Travis P

    It’s worth noting the commission is for 40 X 60 minute shows and not 30 minutes compared to the other eras.


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