Notices 10th Feb 2012

By | February 10, 2012
  • It’s Chris Moyles and Andi Peters playing LIVE! on The Million Pound Drop this evening from 9pm on Channel 4.
  • Bother’s Bar Sunday Night Poker this week is round three of variety poker odyssey Mix It Up Real Good, a ‘fun’ and FREE community game of Stud Hi/Lo at 8pm. Open to anyone regardless of ability or league ambition.
  • We’re hoping to have a feature on Dutch John de Mol format Let’s Get Married over the weekend. It’s basically a reversioning of Honeymoon Quiz/Love Letters/Traumhochzeit/Bob’s Your Uncle/The Shane Richie Experience/Love Me Do, but not apparently as successful.
  • And hey! Why not as we’re in the Valentine’s mood and as it’s largely very funny and it’s already been seen over a million times on Youtube watch how not to win a date on last Saturday’s Take Me Out. No likey…

13 thoughts on “Notices 10th Feb 2012

  1. David Howell

    @TheBankJob has just tweeted that series 2 is going to work the way series 1 should have done all along – each episode self-contained with the winner taking home their final round total.

    1. Alex

      Thank GOD.

      Maybe if they iron out the kinks (if they MUST do it live, sod the iPad, give him some question cards instead and make sure people that can actually work the clocks are working the clocks) it’ll be less painful to watch.

      1. David Howell

        Also, apparently winner-stays-on which could be mildly interesting but is probably reflecting how they can only find three pretty young things per episode to cast instead of four.

        1. Travis P

          Given the ability of the contestants that have been on the show in January and how the format is set up. I will be surprised if someone can win two consecutive shows. It’ll be like Millionaire Manor all over again.

          1. Andy "Kesh" Sullivan

            That’s brilliant. I guess they took the criticism of the Prisoner’s Dilemma ending of Season 1 and ditched it. And with a winner-stays-on format, it could be rather interesting.

      2. Tim

        Blu-tack the question cards to the iPad. Youth-friendly AND safety-critical!

    2. David

      That’s an improvement I think- though I agree I would be shocked to see someone win 2 shows in a row because there’s a lot of luck involved too, if they keep the same values they did in the first series the winner each week should get a decent five-figure amount, and 100K isn’t out of the range of possibility….

      1. David Howell

        If we assume every player has an equal probability of winning, there’s only a 7.5% chance of the returning champion never winning, and a 40% chance of there being three or more victories for the returning champion. (This assumes a ten-game series.)

        Don’t forget that Fluke had two two-time winners in a ten-game series, and that was with six contestants in each episode. (There was a 45% chance that there would be more than one two-time winner. The equivalent figure for The Bank Job is 70%, and that’s assuming the defending champion has exactly a 25% chance of winning. I’d put it higher, because of the advantage of being comfortable in the studio; I’d also expect more aggressive strategy from defending champions, which could go either way, but will increase their winnings if it works out.)

        I’ll go out on a limb and say someone will almost certainly win more than £100,000 in series 2. It’ll take either a three-game streak (which I make as about a 40% chance) or two above-average wins. I wouldn’t rule out someone winning more than £155,833.33 either – a four-game streak (10% chance) will almost certainly suffice, and a three-game streak might do.

  2. Alex

    Apropos of nothing, I just recognised today a decent enough way to sort of do Prisoner’s Dilemma in an endgame for a show:

    Suppose there’s a task in the same vein as something off The 100,000- Show (for this to work it’ll have to have a couple in the endgame). If the task is complete, they win cash, if not, they don’t (and probably win any cash they earnt in earlier rounds).

    Each person is given two cards. Instead of split/steal, one is Easy, one is Hard. The two players each make a seperate decision whether to make the task easier.

    – If both pick different cards, the game is played as normal.

    – If both go easy, the game is made easier (time increase, fewer times Task X has to be done), but the jackpot is reduced by half. Also, as a further cost, their game winnings will be lost if they lose.

    – If both go hard, the game is made harder (time decrease, more times Task X has to be done), but the jackpot is doubled. Also, as a further incentive, if they lose, in addition to their game winnings, they will receive a small percentage of the jackpot just for trying.

    Granted, there are probably more holes in this than your average wedge of Emmental, and it’s probably not going to go anywhere, but still.


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