Quiz runthrough opportunity

By | May 24, 2013

Happy weekend!

Chocolatemedia are looking for contestants for a quiz runthrough on June 6th:

We’re looking for a range of contestants, male and female, to take part in a run-through, they don’t all need to be excellent quizzers but good all-round general knowledge will be helpful.

As the show is a pilot, it will not be broadcast on TV but each contributor will be paid £50.

They will need to be available from 10am to 6pm on Thursday 6th June but may not be required for the entire duration of the day.

And I think it would be safe to presume it would be in London. If that sounds interesting to you, send Louisa an e-mail ASAP.

Don’t forget we’re playing Pot Limit Omaha Hi in the penultimate round of Mix It Up Real Good on Sunday, feel free to join us for the lols if you’ve got no chance of winning the league, which you probably don’t.

2 thoughts on “Quiz runthrough opportunity

  1. Paul B

    Hmm. CPL have a big pitch on the 6th, where we’ll be showcasing a new format (and for what it’s worth I reckon it’s one of the best three or four formats I’ve worked on, although it’s not my original idea). I may well be calling on one or two of my regulars to take part (not putting out an open call as casting so crucial we’d rather have familiar faces on this particular occasion). Hopefully our run can co-exist with this one. I see from Twitter that Jamie (who I know tangentially from his 12 Yard days) is helping produce the Chocolate run, so sure it’ll be an enjoyable experience for anyone who goes along.


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