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By | July 18, 2014

You can prepare yourself for the upcoming C4 show The Singer Takes It All by downloading the official app right now. On iOS at least, Android to follow (before the show launches, presumably).


This already looks about ten times more fun than Rising Star, which this basically is the perpendicular version of. Like we have said, I hope the technology can cope because it’ll be quite embarrassing if it goes wrong.

In other news it’s the last in the series of Tom Scott’s First Person Quiz LIVE on Youtube from 4pm. Keep an eye out on his Youtube channel to get the link.

ALSO It’s Schlag den Star tomorrow on ProSieben, celeb vs celeb for the first time with Raab hosting, the first of four, I don’t know if there’s going to be a commentary because I’m busy tomorrow and the next few Saturdays but if something’s happening I’ll try to put it up.

3 thoughts on “The Singer Takes It All App

  1. CeleTheRef

    I’ve seen the first AUA! promo! it shows a few characters playing a scene from Battleship Potemkin 😛

  2. James

    Not strictly related to ‘The Singer Takes It All’, but last night ‘Schlag den Star’ returned on Prosieben (as you mentioned). The new star-versus-star concept seems to have taken off quite well.

    2.06m overall watched, with a share of 10.4%
    1.26m in the 14-49 demo, with a share of 19.2%

    The figures may seem low, but the weather was pretty good yesterday in Germany, so everything was down. The number which really matters (the 19.2% share in 14-49 demo) is the highest since October 2010 for Schlag den Star, and the 2nd highest in the show’s history.

  3. Brekkie

    Was concerned about C4 jumping on this bandwagon but it seems that for once they’re making a fun entertainment show around the concept, rather than something super serious where it’s win or die (copyrights format “One Shot”!). It’s quite a while since C4 had a light entertainment format like this.


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