Карточное безумие

By | January 22, 2015

Hey! Do you remember the Russian guys who do a super-super-slick Youtube version of 21 Questions Wrong called Against the Flow (which we wrote about here)?

Well here’s a pilot of their Skype version of Play Your Cards Right. Similarly quite nice graphics but not quite as engaging to watch as AtF because of the slower pace of the game and the language difference. As a show, the benefit of real giant playing cards can’t be understated. Still, десять из десяти for effort as Google Translate says. They’ve suggested they’d like to do international editions, so keep an eye out.

The episode has some rather unusual strategy employed, although we quite like it when the contestant goes “wheeee!” when the cards go their way. People should have done that on the Brucie version.

7 thoughts on “Карточное безумие

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    That new Two Tribes end game in full (from @TeamXander):

    “Was at Two Tribes recording yesterday. Chess clock round is as before. Winner of that faces the jackpot round. They choose between two categories (eg snooker or fashion) and are then presented with a statement (“I won the snooker world championship”) and four names. Their job is to sort the names into Yes or No, depending on whether the statement is true or false for those names. I quite liked it as an end game, though the reveal was a bit anti-climactic – Richard gave the correct answers from the top of the screen, so if that one was wrong the tension was gone. Overall a good change though.”

    Edit: And the prize is in cash, not vouchers, rolling over if not won.

  2. Daniel H

    Was flicking channels earlier and stumbled upon today’s Judge Rinder where they were discussing an appearance on a game show.

    Watching further it transpired the defendant was Danny who had won £18,000 on Deal Or No Deal but had his episode pulled – the one that was replaced by the Olly Murs Celebrity episode about a year or two ago.

    Full Episode here (14 mins or so in for this case)

  3. Pavel

    Thank you for this. My friends are doing a lot of TV game shows projects. And I am pleased that in places like this, we can promote our projects. And, you know, still think about the international game. Because it is proof that we are not such a bad country.

    And here I want to ask. What is your, classic game show can be adapted in Skype. Or do everything as in “Game Show Gauntlet”?

    1. Nico W.

      And there are quiet some episodes of 100.000 Mark Show available:

      Die 100.000 Mark Show did start this German TV trend back then where people play games in a long show for huge prizes. That’s why many people say that “Glücksritter” was just a try to copy the success and not really innovative. I actually like both in their own way and am really glad they have been uploaded.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Both by Endemol and both hosted by the same person.

        I like that set up as well, although when they bought it back a few years ago for a few specials I thought it was over-long and they ruined the tension of the end game. Still, Endemol are still getting mileage out of some of the quiz formats used, so.


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