POLL RESULTS LIVE! and Afterparty #bbpoll

By | January 20, 2015

Join us LIVE at 9pm for the results of the UKGameshows.com/Bother’s Bar Poll of 2014. The link will propagate on Twitter and you will be able to watch the live stream here. At the end of the broadcast the written report will go up on UKGameshows.com and the voting percentages here, like in the last few years.

If you have questions tweet them with #bbpoll and we’ll try to answer them if we remember to check Twitter.

Here is the recording and here is the final report. Join us after the cut where I’ll post voting percentages and the results of other polls we conducted during our broadcast.

OK, the voting percentages. All pollsters were allowed five votes in each category and could give the same show two votes if they wanted. Unused votes and votes for shows that aren’t eligible are not counted (which was a lot of them, we probably should have made clear that Come On Down – The Game Show Story wasn’t eligible which is our fault, it did pick up a few votes). I thought we’d give the top 20s this year and a Top 30 for the Golden Five, because why not?

Two Tribes 25.2
The Link 10.0
Release the Hounds 8.7
Ejector Seat 6.8
Fifteen to One 5.5
Win Your Wish List 5.5
The 21st Question 4.8
Draw It 3.9
The Guess List 3.9
Reflex 2.9
The Singer Takes it All 2.9
Keep It In The Family 2.3
Revenge of the Egghead 1.9
The Jump 1.9
The Lie 1.9
Ludus 1.6
Celebrity Squares 1.3
Amazing Greys 1.0
Hair 1.0
The Great Interior Design Challenge 1.0


Tumble 11.2
Reflex 10.5
Gift Wrapped 7.9
Rev. of the Egghead 7.9
The Jump 6.7
The 21st Question 6.4
Ejector Seat 5.2
Celebrity Squares 4.5
The Taste 3.4
Win It Cook It 3.4
Amazing Greys 3.0
The Singer Takes It All 3.0
Stand By Your Man 2.6
The Link 2.6
The Guess List 2.2
Timeline 2.2
Draw It 1.9
Fifteen to One 1.9
Release the Hounds 1.5
Viral Tap 1.5


Pointless 18.9
Only Connect 16.4
The Chase 12.7
Two Tribes 4.6
The Great British Bake Off 4.0
University Challenge 3.7
Tipping Point 3.4
Countdown 3.1
Deal or No Deal 2.5
The Cube 2.2
Mastermind 1.9
Fifteen to One 1.5
Release the Hounds 1.5
The Apprentice 1.5
Would I Lie To You 1.5
Who Dares Wins 1.2
Draw It 0.9
Have I Got News For You 0.9
Keep It In The Family 0.9
Pressure Pad 0.9
QI 0.9
8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown 0.6
A League of Their Own 0.6
A Question of Sport 0.6
Celebrity Juice 0.6
Ejector Seat 0.6
Perfection 0.6
Saturday Night Takeaway 0.6
Strictly Come Dancing 0.6
The Great British Sewing Bee 0.6
The Guess List 0.6
Fighting talk 0.6
The Link 0.6

And the results of the polls conducted on the live stream:

Was 2014 better or worse than 2013 for game shows?

Better – 14%
The same – 29%
Worse – 57%

[Here’s last year’s poll, for comparison.]

Which channel is currently the best for game shows?

BBC 1 – 43%
BBC 2 – 20%
ITV – 20%
Channel 4 – 6%
Challenge – 6%

What is your favourite genre of game show?

Family quizzes – 24%
Academic quizzes – 21%
Comedy panel games – 21%
Action/adventure – 12%
Reality shows – 9%

Which format from abroad would you like to see in the UK in 2015?

The Genius – 7 votes
The Mole – 7 votes
Avanti un Altro – 3 votes
Schlag den Raab – 3 votes

Others mentioned: Big Brother USA-style, De Slimste, Dero!, House Rules, Million Dollar Mind Game, Raid the Cage, Takeshi’s Castle

How should game shows improve in 2015?

Adapt successful foreign shows – 36%
Reduce running time to 30 mins – 15%
Fewer remakes of old shows – 12%
More interactivity – 12%

Others mentioned: More investment in budgets, Fewer general knowledge shows, More action less filler, Fewer celebrity editions, More light-hearted formats, Less ‘suspense’ moments, More natural editing

Outside of the main formats, which show was the most underrated (could vote for up to 3):

Draw It! – 15 votes
The Lie – 8 votes
Timeline – 6 votes
24 Hours to Go Broke – 4 votes
Ducks Quacks Don’t Echo – 2 votes
Who’s Doing the Dishes – 2 votes
Ludus – 2 votes

Phew! Thanks to everyone who voted and we’ll see you next year.

12 thoughts on “POLL RESULTS LIVE! and Afterparty #bbpoll

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    We also thank Mark Labbett for the BREAKING NEWS that there’s a US Pointless in the works. Good luck with that!

  2. Brekkie

    Think ITV4 have an early contender for the Hall of Fame 2015 with The Big Fish-Off bringing celebrity fishing challenges to a digital channel you rarely watch in the next month!

    1. Brekkie

      Just got round to that and absolutely agree. He obviously went in with a strategy which absolutely worked for him.

  3. Mart With A Y Not An I

    Well, I’m glad my 15-1 number of viewers gag made the cut and appeared in the write-up. Thanks Brig.

    But something for later this/next year.
    Had I have known that Win Your Wish List was a fully paid up member of the 2014 poll club, I would have voted for it at the expense of The Jump (where I put in a storming a Brooker-esque showboating anology which because of low voting didn’t make it – full details available upon request)in the Best of 2014.

    So, can we have a rule in the 2015 poll which only allows start to end runs or pretty obvious long commission daily shows in the calendar year allowed for voter consideration?

    This would also include shows that are binned mid-run – thinking if we ever see ‘The Edge’ anytime soon.

    Also in the write-up to Reflex. Bit harsh about it ‘sitting on the shelf for ages’ I thought.
    By it’s nature, post production on each episode must have taken a good couple of weeks each. Not exactly a quick top and tail job of the rushes in Final Cut Pro.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Well when I saw it they said it was going to be a lead-in for The Voice. What they seemed to have meant was The Voice the following year.

      I think that was the gag I wrote at the time. Something like that anyway.

      Will consider your idea for next year, thanks.

  4. David

    Just a bit of a note: Liar Game, the manga that inspired The Genius, is concluding its run after 201 chapters scattered off and on over 10 years…


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