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By | March 15, 2015

Wild-ThingsSundays, 7pm,
Sky One

New offering from wayward genius Gary Monaghan sees comedian Jason Byrne and wildlife host Kate Humble oversee couples battling it out to win a fortune in gold coins from the middle of the Wild Wood.

To win the money one of them will need to traverse obstacle courses, unfortunately they will have to do it in the suit of a giant woodland creature which offers no visibility and must rely on instructions from their teammate, with hilarious slapstick consequences.

40 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Wild Things

  1. Wrong Guess!

    Really enjoyed that. The games were fun and varied and I loved that you didn’t see who was in the costumes until the end. Hopefully there are different games next week, I will definitely be tuning in for it again.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Yep, enjoyed that a lot, although the strongest bit for me was watching them accidentally bash each other over the head, and after that the tree of wisdom felt a bit slow and dull in comparison. I respect trying to put a mental agility spin into a show that doesn’t on the face of it look like a natural fit although the swamp worked fine. The Pig Sty was pure It’s a Knockout.

    LOVED the end game – as previously mentioned, Intacto in animal costumes – I did ponder if it mi-i-i-i-ght have been more fun as a complete free for all after both sides have had their initial thirty seconds, but likely not as tense and hard enough trying to net a stationary target.

    Enjoyed the musical choices. Also the decision not to reveal who was in the costumes until the end, the arguing was a bit like that Box task in Big Brother ten years ago.

    Gary if you’re reading, was this filmed in the same forest My Little Princess was?

  3. Paul B

    170,000 (0.8%) for this. That’s 145.5% of the slot average, so I suppose that’s not bad, but given the level of promotion I’m not sure it’s what they were hoping for. It had a 374,000 lead-in from The Simpsons. Consolidated figures are what Sky look at anyway, so we shall see if and how it grows. For what it’s worth I think it’s very good – at least an 8/10. Thought games three and four were too slow and a bit convoluted, and game five a bit ordinary, but loved the others, and really loved all the actuality.

  4. Gary M

    Hi – no the show was recorded in Rushmere Country Park a beautiful place just outside of Leighton Buzzard. I talk about it on this Broadcast podcast from the other week

    Rating wise as Paul says Sky look at consolidated figure which won’t be available till next week. This is a new slot for Sky so their ambition is about 200k consolidated. Hopefully we can achieve that. Fingers crossed

  5. Mart With A Y Not An I

    Or even the natural slot sucessor to Total Wipeout on BBC1. Also going in that adults doing silly things family slot would meand cutting the show down to 40mn and in turn would help the up the pace, as I felt it did drag a little in the middle.

    However, loved the left field concept of the show. Decent games all the way through, an end game designed to be won more often than not, and the slapstick violence throughout.

    Who can’t be failed to be amused at the site of a very cross adult being answered back by a 7 foot owl with demonic eyes after loosing to a duck and a mole?
    To know more about ‘the magic forest’ in real life.

  6. Greg

    I saw the trailer and thought it was going to be Don’t Scare The Hare mark 2 so didn’t bother. Then was channel surfing during the week and the rerun was on Sky2 and caught the last 10 mins and enjoyed what i saw.

    I have just watched this weeks show and think its a bit of a gem. The show is really well put together. They know when to skip bits to keep the pace of the show and the games are just the right length to keep my interest. That is the problem i had with Total Wipeout once you have seen 10 people do the first game i had lost interest.

    As well as the games being fun to watch and varied the end game is also balanced in favor of the team that won which i also like.

    I will be watching again for sure

  7. Gary M

    There’s a few. One is by Elo and the other by Madness. There’s another by some weird classical rock band called something like Apokalyptia

  8. David B

    A large number of people are writing to UKGameshows asking how to get onto the series, which is a good sign that this is being well received.

  9. Brig Bother Post author

    Someone official or otherwise needs to put up a game of the Rotten Wood in its entirety on Youtube, undoubtably it’s the game that sells the show, and it’s a bit annoying enthusing about it to real life people but not quite being able to find a decent clip to direct them to.

        1. Alex S

          Worth saying just for clarity, YouTube has detected that the video is copyright Zodiak Media, who have permitted the content to be uploaded but may be monetised by them, so if any adverts appear they’re not me trying to profit from other people’s work, money from any adverts go to Zodiak.

  10. Paul B

    107,500 for TX3.

    269,000 for Zombie Apocalypse.
    168,100 for the repeat.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Aww, that’s a pity.

      That high number for ZA might have something to do with the suggestion I read that it wasn’t a repeat but a “reunion” episode, although not watching it myself I can’t guarantee that.

      1. Alex

        I ended up seeing it, it was the final ‘evacuation’ episode.

  11. Gary M

    Yes last night was rubbish. Prior to that we’d been going quite well. According to stats Wild Things has been the most commented upon Sky One programme on Twitter since March 15th

    · Its final consolidated figure for Episode 1 was 281K – so added over 100k in catch up

    · Episode 2 also added 67K in catch up to its Live +SD figure of 165K

    · With all the repeats the overall reach ( ie watched at least a few minutes of an episode) of Wild Things is now 1.2m individuals 4+

  12. Gary M

    You should watch the post watershed version of the show on tonight. It’s very sweary and funny and possibly my favourite

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I’ve somehow managed to avoid all the late night edits, I hope this one will be on catch-up somewhere.

  13. Paul B

    182,000 last night, highest of series so far. I also understand it was getting a lot of attention at MIP last week, which will help its cause with regards a second series (if they can shoot international versions on the same set they can potentially do more for less money). FYI I have a slightly higher than Osman (but still rubbish) 2.26m for Celebrity Squares.

    1. David B

      We’re still getting a lot of application requests to go on the show at UKGameshows, which can’t do any harm.

  14. Rick Campbell

    Hi guys I’m trying to find out the song title and artists name of one of the music tracks played on series 6 episode 6. Any suggestions


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